My Bucket List(s)

Happy long weekend everyone!

As summer comes to a close and we start looking forward to fall (and cooler weather – finally!), I’ve been happily planning all of the upcoming holiday travels. This year is a big birthday for me (my *ahem* second 29th), so I have a special trip planned for November (big smile). Knowing that that birthday is coming up, I’ve really been re-assessing life – where I am and where I want to go. In the spirit of that, I’ve been thinking a lot about my bucket lists – primarily my travel bucket list. I have a terrible sense of wanderlust and honestly, I know that if I can just get to a place, there won’t be any shortage of fun people to meet and things to do. I don’t actually like to plan activities (at least not too many), as it interferes with the flexibility necessary for travel. Most of the fun in planning a trip is the anticipation of all the possibilities!

While doing some curiosity research on others’ bucket lists, I came across the reverse bucket list –  sort of a log of all the cool things that have already been accomplished. I have to admit, I was actually feeling a little disheartened after writing the travel bucket list. I felt like I should have accomplished more by this point in my life. But when I sat down to write the reverse bucket list, it gave me an opportunity to relive so many of the amazing experiences I’ve already had. It’s easy to get lost in the future and forget about all the wonderful memories. I hope that by sharing both of these lists I can inspire myself to remember where I’ve been while planning where I’m going, and others who may be looking to create their own bucket lists.


What do you think?

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