Ultimate Safari

Yay linkups (smile)! As a new blogger I feel like this is a great way to meet new people and to keep the creativity flowing. So I’m joining up with Story of My Life for Blogtember – today’s prompt: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? 

If I could take a three month break (assuming no consequences and no budget) I would go to Africa.

For the first couple of months I think I would do a whirlwind tour of the continent.  I would start in the north with Morocco and Egypt before heading down to Ethiopia (remember the no consequences assumption) to see Lalibela.

I’m pretty sure I would have to float down at least a portion of the Congo and climb at least a ridge of Mt. Kilimanjaro before heading over (maybe literally?) to Victoria falls.

Next stop would be the skeleton coast in Namibia. I’ve heard wonderful things about the area and the locals. Coming from a different kind of desert, I think it would be fascinating to see how they live in theirs.

Final destination – South Africa, where I would join up with one of the wildlife volunteer organizations like this one and spend my last weeks helping out with wildlife tracking or rehabilitation. I can’t think of a better way to end such an epic journey than dedicating time and effort to preserving some portion of the continent I am so excited to visit.

8 thoughts on “Ultimate Safari

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  3. Stopping by from Blogtember!

    An African safari would be amazing! I would love to spend some time traveling it as well. This is definitely the ultimate safari! Great choice! 🙂

    I chose traveling as well. I think many of us did. I guess this means we all need vacations! ha



  4. I was JUST talking about African safaris with my husband! I did one a few years ago and it was such a fun adventure! I would love to do one again and maybe do something a little more adventurous than a giant jeep- maybe I could get a little closer to the wildlife next time!


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