Amelie Likes…

I had Amelie on in the background yesterday while going about the weekend chores. It struck me (again) how much I really like how the film introduces the main characters. Each character gets a run down from the narrator on some of his/her favorite/least favorite things. I love that each is so varied – from activities to sensations to general observations. Just a few items truly seems to give you a sense of the characters personality. As a wannabe writer, I aspire to do the same in my stories with somewhat mixed results. Oh well, something to continue to work towards and maybe one day I’ll share some of those stories with you guys (smile).

Today I thought it would be fun to do my own Amelie style introduction. I’ll try to keep the less is more principle here and let you guys tell me how successful I am. So without further adieu:

Meredith likes –

  • Waking up with the blinds/windows open
  • Feeling the cats next to me purring
  • A really cold beer in the summer or a deep red wine in the winter
  • The smell of Christmas
  • Exploring new, unfamilar places
  • Running my hands along things in the store, especially clothing and linens
  • Meeting friends for dinner (or brunch or lunch…)
  • Talking to myself while taking pictures
  • Successfully baking – anything
  • Reading a book on a cloudy day

Exploring Cambodia

Meredith dislikes –

  • Individuals who are too disrespectful to move out of a photo shot
  • Drivers that don’t pay attention
  • Sudden, loud noises
  • Smelling burned – anything
  • Wasted words
  • Seeing someone or something abused
  • Spiders
  • Having a long conversation via text, email, etc.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Having my photo taken (hence the general lack of personal photos on here – working on remedying that)

So what do you think – clear picture? What would your Amelie introduction look like? Please do share in the comments – I’m genuinely curious! Happy Sunday everyone!

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