Desk Blogging – Live from the Cube

Today’s Blogtember mission – Go to a coffee shop. Order a favorite drink. Write about what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Or write about anything you’d like! Bonus points for including a photo from the coffee shop.

Well, I did go to a coffee shop today but sadly it was just to grab’n go. I had to take my car into the shop for some maintenance this morning, so I’ve had pretty limited mobility today. However, I am writing this in my office (on lunch, of course *ahem*) rather than my usual comfort zone of my couch (smile), so I’m counting it as a semi-success!

Desk photo

Live from my desk

Unfortunately since this is being written at work, it’s also going to have to be short and sweet. So how about a few random Top 5s? Sounds good to me too! (Smile)

Top 5 – HAPPY

  • Kitties!!
  • Traveling
  • Baking
  • My camera
  • Libraries (and library books of course!)

Top 5 – SAD

  • Disappointment
  • Saying good-bye
  • Mistreated animals
  • Fake “Haunted” anythings (hayrides, houses, cornfields, campgrounds, etc.)
  • My poor car with a boo-boo

Top 5 – QUOTES

  • You get further by persuading people than by arguing with them.
  • In a minute there is time
    For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse (T.S. Eliot)
  • Be curious, not judgmental. (Whitman)
  • The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places. (Hemingway)
  • Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. (B. Franklin)

What do you think?

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