Travel Tuesday: Favorite Photo

Today’s Travel Tuesday linkup with Bonnie was a bit special. She asked that we share our favorite travel photo. Seems easy enough, right?? Yeah, not so much. But what’s life without a little challenge?

Highlands, Scotland, Sunset

Highlands, Scotland

With very few exceptions, I generally have at least one absolute favorite photo from each place that I visit. Ultimately, however, I chose this photo because it is the one I look at when I feel like my world’s gone crazy.

I can remember what I did that day, what I was wearing, how the air smelled, and how cold my hands were. But mostly I can remember just how happy I was to be alive and in that place at that moment. This was neither my first or last trip to Scotland, but this photo possesses a sensory memory (if that makes sense) beyond any of the others. One of my dreams is to move to Scotland and on days when I feel like I have no choice but to give up on that, I look at this photo and remember why I have that dream in the first place. And, well, it’s also a very beautiful sunset (smile).


A Compass Rose

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