It’s My Favorite Time of Year!!

It’s finally, finally beginning to feel like fall here in the desert and I couldn’t be more excited!! For whatever reason, October thru January are my favorite four months of the year. There’s something to love about every single month and just being able to write October in the date field of anything makes my heart a little lighter. There are so many things that I am looking forward to over the next four months that I can’t help but want to share! (I apologize in advance for all of the exclamation marks…it can’t be helped! – smile)

Baking! Cooler weather! Amazingly bad movies on tv! Hocus Pocus (which does not fall into that last one at all)! Changing colors! Outdoor activities! Pumpkins!!

pumpkin, carving, jack-o-lantern

Our superb pumpkin carving skills

Okay, I have to admit, October is actually my favorite month. I’m not sure why it speaks to me on such a deep level, but I can’t help but just be happy for these 31 days!

I love baking and I’m trying to be more conscience of taking pictures of the process to share with everyone (like these amazing cookies or this yummy banana nut bread). It’s finally beginning to cool down enough here in Phoenix to open the windows and turn on the oven and I’m over-the-moon happy about that! I usually run out of people to pawn off the baked goods on way before I run out of recipes or desire to make new creations. (That’s when I have to resort to overnight mailing.) Combine a ridiculously bad “scary” movie or a classic (such as Hocus Pocus) with the evening’s hot beverage and it’s a good day (angelic smile).

The unique part about living in Phoenix is that while everyone else is bunkering down inside, we’re bursting out into any outdoor attraction available. It’s finally time to go hiking, biking, camping, etc. around here and I can’t wait to really get out and enjoy nature again! That, of course, also includes trips outside of Phoenix (north or south) to visit orchards and vineyards and to take a million pictures of the changing trees (yes, those do exist in some parts of Arizona). And, of course, there’s also Halloween!


My birthday! Thanksgiving! Even cooler weather! And this year…Scotland!!

Scotland, Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle

Loch Ness from Urquhart Castle

This list may be shorter but the events are way bigger. I don’t usually like to celebrate my birthday in a big way, but this year is one of the big ones so an exception had to be made. Will there be some sort of party? Eh, maybe. It depends on how determined my friends are. Will there be an amazing week+ long adventure to my favorite place on earth? Most definitely (huge smile)!

Beyond those two amazing events, Thanksgiving also happens to be one of my favorite holidays (second only to the 4th of July, which has fireworks). I love that it involves family, gratitude, good food, and no pressure to present a ton of gifts. There’s no particularly religious sentiment behind Thanksgiving, so it’s a great opportunity for everyone to come together and just enjoy the community. Sadly, I won’t get to be with my family for Thanksgiving, but I’m lucky to have my adopted “family” out here and I’m very grateful for each and every one of them.

Christmas! Family! Lights! Hot chocolate! Shopping! Movies! More Baking!!

Christmas, tree, lights

A real live tree – my favorite!

Christmas is one of the two holidays I always try to go back home for (the other being the 4th of July – the good fireworks are legal in AL but not in AZ). I love that for the brief period of time I’m back at my dad’s I get to experience a “real” winter. There’s homemade hot chocolate and a fire burning in the fireplace. Then there’s time with the grandmas making cakes, cookies, and other yummy sweets. On top of that there’s all the home grown non-sweets.  Ugh…truly food is a big part of this month (smile)!

The other great part of December is all of the traditions, whether it’s decorating trees or baking cookies, it brings a very comforting familiarity. So much changes throughout the year; it’s a nice reminder that there is some stability in life. In my family we always drive around to look at everyone’s Christmas lights then watch a Christmas movie. In recent years my dad, brother, and I go see whichever Lord of the Rings movie is playing. We all three love the books and the movies, so it’s a special thing for all of us.

I’m one of those people that generally enjoy shopping for others. I like taking notes throughout the year and trying for more meaningful gifts. Wherever I can I always look for “experience” gifts – something that won’t be hanging around the house all year or just shoved in a drawer. It also makes packing/shipping much easier (smile)!

Winter! Snow! Quiet!! Photographs!!

Arizona, Trees, Photography

Northern Arizona

I know a lot of people that don’t enjoy January – they seem to feel like it’s a bit of a letdown after all the excitement of the holiday season. But I view January as a welcome relief. It’s a time to rest from all the excitement and reflect on all the possibilities that the coming year may hold. If I’m lucky there’s usually snow somewhere in driving distance of Phoenix and really, it’s so much more fun when you get to choose to experience snow rather than living in it full time! This time of year is also one of my favorites for photography. There is something about the winter that speaks to me. As someone who generally prefers warmer weather I’ve found this a bit surprising myself, but I’ve come to embrace it through the years. Living in perpetual sunshine brings a new appreciation for grey days and warm jackets.

What are your favorites months of the year? Do you have a special season or holiday that you love?

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