California Weddin’

Wedding, Beach


This past weekend I had the great honor of officiating my best friend’s wedding. The days leading up to the ceremony (and even the day after) were chaos, but the ceremony was perfect (big smile)! They live in Huntington Beach which is a great place for a destination wedding – especially this time of year. The wedding itself was at Crystal Cove State Park.

Friday night we had a bonfire/rehearsal dinner with all the family and friends that were already in town. It was a very relaxed event with fish tacos (yum!) and a gorgeous sunset. The rehearsal itself was 10 minutes of me desperately trying to pull all the necessary people together long enough to act it out a few times (chagrined smile). Oh my… But it all turned out just fine.

The ceremony itself was short, sweet, and perfectly tailored to the happy couple. The reception was on site and a great party with people from (literally) all over the world coming together to celebrate two lovely individuals, one lovely couple.

I wrote about my personal feelings on marriage last week and those haven’t changed…much. I do know that, after this weekend, if/when I do walk down that aisle, I want to be as excited as my friend was and I hope my groom is just as impatient to put that ring on my finger. There was no bridezilla, no fancy table settings, no break-the-bank budget (not that there is anything wrong with any of those – except maybe the bridezilla part) – just family, friends, and a whole lot of love. I don’t think anyone can ask for more.

Well, except for maybe honorary nieces/nephews. I’d take one of those (just sayin’)…

Huntington Beach, California

Rehearsal sunset

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