Travel Tuesday: Wales

Linking up with A Compass Rose for Travel Tuesday! Tuesdays are quickly becoming one of my favorite blogging days! I get to share my adventures and read about cool places all over the world. My travel bucket list has certainly expanded since I’ve been reading along with everyone (smile)!

I’ve been doing a personal tour of the UK leading up to the big birthday adventure to Scotland. This week it’s time to go to Wales! Random fact about me – my heritage is 80%+ Welsh. Both my maternal and paternal sides trace a fair number of their ancestors back to the great green country. I myself have had the opportunity to travel around Wales a couple of times now and it certainly is stunning!

The majority of the road signs, shop signs, and other public displays of the written word include the welsh version somewhere nearby. I have to admit it’s a bit disconcerting at first, if you aren’t expecting to see and hear the Welsh language all around. I think it’s a beautiful preservation of heritage, and I’ve thought about taking a class myself (there’s actually a Welsh class offered here in Phoenix – random fact #2).

Most of my travels to date have explored the southern portion of the country along the coast. I would love to see the northern portions of the country some day, as that is where my ancestors are primarily from. It’s on the never-ending list of places to see (smile). Below are a few of my favorite places that I’ve visited to date:

Tintern Abbey

Caerphilly Castle


Brecon Beacons National Park

Llywelyn the Great


2 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Wales

  1. Love your photos! So much gorgeous green. Between reading Bonnie’s post (Compass Rose) and yours I have definitely decided that I need to put Wales on my travel bucket list. It is so close by ~ how can I resist. Looking forward to reading about your Scotland adventure. Glad I found your blog ~ I love pondering the lovely irrelevant beautiful happenings in the world.


    • Thank you so much! It’s certainly worth a trip – especially if you’re close by! I’ve been by train and by vehicle and both are adventures in themselves 🙂 I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog – thanks for pondering along!!


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