And the award for best book series goes to…

I love reading! It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that it’s one of my favorite things to do. I usually find that my imagination does a far better job of supplying details than any movie ever could (I mean Fleur Delacour anyone?). Given the quality of some of the material out there today, if I can find a well-written and entertaining book that’s in a series I am in heaven! A good series of books provides hours, days, sometimes even weeks of good entertainment! So in honor of those lovely series’ of entertainment, today I thought I would share my top picks with you guys!

Outlander series – Diana Gabaldon


A time-traveling historical romance that spans the ages (literally 1700s-1900s) and the globe (at least from the UK to the US). It’s hard to put this one into one genre, but that’s part of what makes it so great – these books have a little bit of everything for everyone! They are pretty massive though; and be warned that once you get started it’s hard to stop! That said, the series has seven books available so far so you’ll have plenty to entertain yourself with while waiting on the number eight (smile). Gabaldon also lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, so I’ve been able to get quite a few books signed – bonus awesome!

Fever series – Karen Maria Moning

FEVER SERIES – Karen Marie Moning

This sci-fi adventure is set on the mean streets of modern-day Dublin. The story belongs to Mac, an ass-kicking human who helps save the world in a battle between good and evil Fae (yes, as in fairies). I realize that upon reading this you may think “well that’s definitely not for me,” but hear me out here. These books are remarkably well-written, whether you love sci-fi or not. If you can read a terribly written vampire/ zombie/werewolf romance, you can definitely read (and love) these books. Even my good Christian grandma loves these books (much to our mutual surprise) and I can’t think of a better recommendation than that!

The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkein


I read these books at my brother’s recommendation. When I was younger I tried my best to take up an interest in anything I thought would make my brother like me (hence my love of Star Wars) and these books were on the list. In truth I suppose they were what spurred my interest in science fiction. They follow the story of the journey to save Middle Earth from evil. Classic, right? The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy were originally written as children’s books – sort of like the original Harry Potter. I’ll refrain from any commentary on the movies in relation to the books…let’s just say the movies make A LOT more sense if you’ve read the source material. I also love this series because it is something that I can bond with my brother and my dad over. We’ve all read the books and it’s a bit of a Christmas tradition to watch the movies together. One day maybe we’ll even make it to New Zealand and check out a few movie locations (smile)!

Harry Potter – JK Rowling


Oh Harry Potter…I came to this series late in the game luckily. I say luckily because I only had to wait on the very last book to become available. Such misery, waiting! I originally thought they were just children’s books, but I broke down after being stranded in an airport somewhere in the mid-west. I bought the first book and by the time I made it back to Phoenix I was hooked! The books follow the story of Harry Potter as he learns the ins and outs of being a wizard in the battle of good against evil. It’s a classic story for all ages but with surprising twists no matter how old you are. I mean, who didn’t cry when _ dies?! I can’t wait to share these with nieces/nephews some day (smile).

Anne of Green Gables – LM Montgomery


The classic story of the orphan Anne and her escapades through childhood into motherhood. My grandma gave me this series when I was a young girl and I adored them! I’ve actually recently reread the series and found that I love them just as much now – if not more – than I did when I was younger. It’s a good, wholesome classic that’s a shining example of solid writing without any gimmicks.

What is your favorite book series??

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