Travel Tuesday: Travel Essentials

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s week two of driving on the other side of the road and I feel we’re making real progress. It’s time to link up with The Bonnie Rose for this week’s edition of Travel Tuesday! This week I wanted to share some of my travel essentials.

Camera, Nikon D90


This is my number one. Whether it’s my DSLR, my point-and-shoot, or my phone, I don’t like to be without a camera. I do try to put the camera down and enjoy the moment as often as I can, but I always like to be prepared just in case something irresistible comes along!

Nook, US Weekly, Magazines

Reading Materials

Reading material is essential for any trip. If I’m in the car I generally try to bring along a book-on-tape even. I enjoy music, but generally headphones hurt after a while or the music (esp radio stations) become repetitive. I also prefer to read versus watching a movie – just a general preference. So before any trip I try to load up the Nook or find a substantial book to last me through the quiet moments.

Have you guys ever heard of this stuff?? I tend to suffer greatly from jet lag on long journeys – especially when flying west (which is apparently backwards from most people). Anyway, these little pills really do seem to help A LOT. I also drink lots of water and try to stay awake or sleep according to the landing schedule. If I can keep the sleep pattern generally set to amount of sleep rather than time of sleep I find I get a long much better.



Being a fair-skinned person I have learned the hard way that sunscreen is always essential – no matter the climate. I’ve actually gotten some of my worst sunburns on cloudy days! Sunburns are terrible no matter what, but it’s certainly no fun to try to deal with while traveling.

Boots, Hiking boots, ballet flats, shoes

Good Shoes

Good shoes are also a must. I’m almost always on the go when traveling, so it’s important to have shoes that can keep up. While tennis/hiking shoes are the most obvious ones to focus on, I’ve found that it’s also important to have good “supporting” footwear. There’s nothing worse than taking the wrong pair of heels/flats/sandals that rub the wrong way and make wearing any shoes uncomfortable.

What are your travel essentials??


6 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Travel Essentials

  1. Ethan and I take those same No Jet Lag pills! I am not sure if they actually work or not but they definitely seem too. I agree with the hand sanitizer and wet wipes, we normally take both. Also some spare plastic bags and duct tape (these two things were great at patching things and helped convert our shoes into temporary waterproof boots on our last trip after a freak snowfall).


    • I can’t tell if they really work or if its a placebo effect, but I figure they can’t hurt! Depending on where I’m headed, I too bring the extra plastic bags – they’re good for covering equipment, shoes, and wet clothes in the suitcase. I hadn’t thought of duct tape though, that’s one to keep in mind!


  2. Thanks for sharing. I definitely agree with all of these things. To go along with the anti-jetlag pills, I always keep some Dramamine or other anti nausea medicine in my bag as well, just in case I have a rocky flight or get on a boat.

    Stopping by to say hello from Travel Tuesday @ A Compass Rose!


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