Thanks giving


We’re on our way back Stateside today. It has been an amazing trip and I am so grateful that I had this opportunity! There’s no doubt that the Scotland obsession is going to continue but I’ll try to space it out for you guys so it’s (hopefully) not too overwhelming (smile).

2013 has not been an easy year. It seems like the downs have certainly equaled the ups, and quite frankly I’m happy to be moving forward into a new year. That said, I’m still grateful for everything that’s happened in my life this year – the highs and the lows both carry their own lessons.

This year I am grateful for freedom, resilience, family, and friends. I give thanks for new hobbies, new places, and new faces. I am thankful for the familiar comforts and the knowledge that it does – always – get better. I am mostly grateful for being alive and having the opportunity to welcome a new decade of my life. I hope I can make it the best one yet!!

(Wherever You May Be)

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