Internet Fail

Hi guys! I’ve arrived safely back from my grand adventures and cannot wait to share some of the amazing photos! I can say that with absolute modesty- it’s hard NOT to get an amazing photo when your surroundings are so gorgeous (smile)!
I actually have at least 3 posts planned and ready to go, but they’re all on my laptop; they’ll look much better from there v. the phone. However, I have sadly returned home to a very broken Internet. TV works fine, Internet is a total fail. And of course no one seems to know why! Aghhh! The first technician appointment from the cable company is not until NEXT WEEK!!Β  So in the meantime I’m calling all of my IT buddies and trying a few other tactics – hopefully that’ll work or a miracle will occur and it’ll just start working again. You never know (smile).
Until then, know that I am alive, that I’m trying to do as much as this app will allow (don’t get me started on those shortcomings), and that I have great things planned when it all gets worked out!
I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday wherever you were! Until I can do better, I’ll leave you with a little teaser photo from my phone – enjoy!


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