Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

I’ve been told that one of my greatest weaknesses as a photographer is my shyness in taking pictures of people. I love landscapes, interesting objects, animals, etc. but rarely do I stop to find the beauty of crowds. Usually I feel like taking a picture of people is an invasion of privacy somehow. When I am with a single person, I want to know that person in my memory, not in my camera. I’ve been told it’s something I should work on. I’ll think about it. I’m just not sure it isn’t a subject matter best left to those who have a better feel for it.

So for this week’s photo challenge, I thought to highlight a more permanent community – one that I feel perfectly okay taking photos of – cemeteries. For those out there that feel this may be a bit morbid, let me just say that I have seen more bonding between families, friends, communities in cemeteries than a lot of other “community events.” There is a celebration of memory, of life, and of death in these places and it is very often a wonder to behold…

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

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  2. Cemeteries, I think was a really good take on that challenge.
    I usually don’t take pictures of people … at least, it’s very rare. Not because I’m all that shy about it, but I don’t want to/like it.


    • Yes, that’s another big part of my hesitancy in photographing people. When it does happen, I usually try to go for a profile or similar shot so it’s a bit less personal. Maybe one day I’ll be inspired out of my bashfulness πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!


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