Weekly Photo Challenge: One [Lucky] Duck

Kilchurn, Castle, Scotland, UK, duck

Kilchurn Castle, Scotland

You guys, this…this is by far my favorite photo from the Scotland adventure of 2013. My brother and I had decided to explore the area around Oban for the day, leaving any stops up to chance and/or whim. I saw something about this castle in a review somewhere, but it was nowhere to be found on a map; so I just figured we’d find it if we found it. Luckily we happened by it – and at just the right time! We had to cross a boggy bit of land to get to the shore, but I found the wet feet to be worthwhile (smile). As we were getting ready to head back to the car, this little guy paddled over from another shore. Despite his disappointment at our lack of snacks, he obliged the camera for a while.

I feel like this one duck makes this photo. He’s a less obvious focal point in an incredibly picturesque setting and I think that really makes the photo that more interesting. (The rest, just by the way, has only been photoshopped to remove a bright orange buoy on the dock – everything else is as it was).

As we made our way to the car, a group of other people arrived. I count my travel karma blessings that we were able to experience this view and this moment in such peace and good company (smile).

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One [Lucky] Duck

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    • Thank you! The castle was meant to be the focal point, but in looking at the shots with and without the duck, it’s surprising what a difference he makes. I loved this castle, especially in this light! Thanks for stopping by – I appreciate the feedback πŸ™‚


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