Weekly Photo Challenge: [Wedding] Joy

As previously noted, I don’t take a lot of photographs of people – it’s just not my comfort zone. That said, the one exception I make for that rule is weddings. I only do this for my nearest and dearest (primarily as I know they’ll forgive me if I screw it up) and generally only as the backup photographer (as some events are just better left to the pros). But I have been there for moments where there was no other camera, and perhaps no one better to capture that smile – a great honor for me. So for this week’s photo challenge – joy, what better than a few of my favorite moments of wedding-themed joy?? (Okay, maybe babies…but we’re not there yet!) (smile)

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: [Wedding] Joy

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  3. Love this! I feel awkward about taking photos of people in public but I try not to be too shy about taking photos of friends and family. Weddings I think are definitely photography “fair game”


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