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I read a blog post a few weeks ago (I think it may have been a prompt, I can’t remember) about tattoos. Then I read a few of the comments, which lead to other blogs, and in short down a very long yet interesting rabbit hole. But that’s part of the fun of the blogging world, right? (smile) Anyway, there were certainly mixed opinions, most of which I could at least try to understand; some of which were simply beyond my comprehension….

Those posts have really been in the back of my mind ever since. As someone who sports a few small pieces of body art herself, I’ve always been curious about the stories behind others’ tattoos, but in actively paying attention these last few weeks I’ve been a little amazed at just how many people have them now. In a yoga class of 20 people – of all ages – every single person had a tattoo. My doctor has one, my friend’s grandma just got her first one (at 77!!), it seems no one is immune these days! Yet for all their widespread occurrence, there are still so many people that equate body ink to bad people. It’s mind-boggling in a way. If you don’t want one, that is totally your choice and I completely respect that – in fact it’s probably smart considering how addictive they can be (smile). But come on people, let’s not begrudge grandma her kitty paw prints (no, I’m not kidding) or the 18 year-old her lower back “tramp stamp” (a term that annoys me to no end just fyi). If it doesn’t affect you in any direct way, why rain on anyone’s parade?

Okay, soap box moment over. My real point here is that those tattoos are generally symbolic to those who sport them. Whether it’s a life time love affair with cats (ahem, paw prints) or in honor of loved one or major life event, it’s always so interesting to me what people choose to represent those memories. As reserved, shy, quiet, whatever you prefer to call me as I can sometimes be, I will almost always make an exception to ask about an interesting tattoo. Likewise, I’m always up for answering questions about any of mine. They’re conversation starters; a cultural phenomenon that has created its very own community well beyond sailors and bikers. And I find that fascinating.

I currently have four small tattoos in various locations that represent various memories in my life. Some are more obvious to the eye than others, but none were undertaken lightly and each has its own story. For this post, in addition to adding my two cents worth into the debate, I wanted to share a couple of my own pieces with you guys.

Tattoo, peace, love, body art


I got this tattoo back before the whole Peace thing came back around (in other words, I was cool ahead of the curve – smile). Ahem. Anyway, this is as close to a matching tattoo as I’m likely to ever consent to. I have Peace on my inside right ankle and one of my best friends has Love on her outside right ankle. Each word embodies each of us pretty well. In addition to reminding me of my friend, I feel like it’s an enduring reminder to my constant wander-lust stricken heart to remember to be at peace, in whatever moment wherever I may be. Sometimes it works (smile).

Tattoo, body art, Beatles, Let It Be

Let It Be

I think I’ve already mentioned in passing that I’m a big Beatles fan. It’s something I share with my dad. So in a way this tattoo is a reminder of my favorite Beatles song and one of my favorite people. Beyond that, I consider this to be a life motto. It’s right there with “less is more,” and a reminder I need quite often. Letting life fall into place sometimes is a huge challenge for me. Yes, you do have to work hard for what you want; but even the best laid plans can’t control the universe. That’s a hard lesson for this control freak to remember (smile). I actually took to writing this on my wrist as a reminder and on a particular day that is important to me (but I prefer not to share) I decided to make it a permanent reminder. My dad just rolled his eyes – I think he’s decided to just let his little rebel be herself (ha).

Do you have any of your own tattoos or piercings that are special to you? 

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