Pondering February Goals

Right around a month ago, I had the brilliant idea of setting monthly goals in 2014 instead of just an arbitrary list of resolutions. These monthly goals are (loosely) based on 10 basic principles I came up with last year. Even though this is the first check-in, I can already tell this was genuinely a brilliant idea (no sarcasm) – as was sharing these goals on this blog. I felt some sense of accountability and it felt good to have goals that I could actually accomplish in a set amount of time!

So how did I do on my January goals? Well let’s review and see…

January goals:

1. Create a thought/wish/hopes/dream board. I’ve had the most success with this goal. I had a great time with pottery barn magazines, my own photos, and of course Pinterest looking for just the right images to represent what I’m hoping to achieve both in the near and distant future.  The Pinterest board version of this is it’s own beast (smile), but I tried to focus on the really compelling images for the physical boards. I was a little surprised by the connection I found when I sat down to physically add the various bits and pieces to the cork boards.  The act was so much more deliberate and personal than clicking the “Pin” button. I didn’t expect to have such a connection with this board with random photos attached, but in thinking about it, I’ve just literally pinned my hopes and dreams onto a corkboard for anyone (who comes to my apt anyway) to see! This is no private Pinterest board. The most surprisingly overwhelming emotion? Excitement. I call that a win (smile).

2. Research educational/work-related opportunities. This is the one I probably slacked on the most. I have some leads, but I didn’t dedicate the same amount of effort to this task. I think that’s primarily because I’m afraid I’ll find an opportunity I can’t pass up. It is one thing to want to do x, y, and z; it’s another to be staring down the barrel of the opportunity to do just that! Why? Because if I do get that opportunity there will be change and potential for catastrophic failure. Unfortunately I’ve learned through the years that there are these things called consequences, and I fear them. So I’m keeping this goal into February. My word for 2014 is Hope, not fear. Hope strengthens, fear kills.

3. Health changes. I went back to the doctors and re-initiated some discussions. After a lot of sucky tests, I still don’t have a definitive answer. I do know that it’s not an auto-immune disease as I’d feared. There are still a few things it could be, but it’s all likely related to stress. Yep…no matter what fancy name you put to these “symptoms,” the cause all goes back to being forever stressed out apparently. Coming to terms with the fact that there’ll be no magic pill in this case has been difficult. I wanted an easy out, but there isn’t going to be one. The only cure for me is me. I have to continue making the lifestyle changes necessary to feel better.

Overall I feel good about January. It was a solid start to the year and at least I can say that I took the first steps in all of the goals I’d set. After so many months of feeling completely unmotivated, it feels good just to begin moving forward again! And I’m not really surprised – or disappointed – that January’s goals are leading into February’s. It’s all a build up to a greater end result after all (smile).

February goals:

1. Continue to research educational/work-related opportunities – as discussed above.

2. Lifestyle changes – get moving! I ordered a FitBit Force today – I’ve heard such great things about these little devices, I’m excited to try it out! I don’t know that I’ll be setting any ridiculous weight loss goals or anything like that, but I do want to track my mobility. I have a desk job and I know I don’t move around as much as I should or as much as I’d like. Hopefully this little techy piece of fun will help me work on that in a more tangible way.

3. Be consciously grateful – for my family! To say my relationship with my family is complicated is probably an understatement. But as we all get older and lives begin to shift, I know it’s going to be important to me both now and in the future to build positive memories with my family. Since February is so often considered the month of love, and since I’m not actively looking for a special Valentine, I want to dedicate the month to the love I have for my family and my friends. Whether that’s making a phone call, sending a letter, or dedicating a blog post to them (yeah…head’s up on that) I want to consciously make an effort to be grateful for the family – and the really wonderful friends – that I have in my life.

I think those are fair goals for a short month (smile). Challenge accepted!

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6 thoughts on “Pondering February Goals

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  3. Hi, reading your post has been a bit of a wake up call. This week I have found out that I will be losing my job come end of March. To say i’m upset is quite an understatement. It is all very new and fresh at the moment so can’t start to make plans but know that next week will be the time to setting goals and targets. Change is coming! I love your hope board. It’s beautiful.


    • Thank you! I was surprised at how much fun I had with that board 🙂
      I’m truly sorry to hear about your job! It sounded like it was something you really enjoyed and I can’t imagine losing that all of a sudden. At least they did seem to give you some time to think things through and look for that next step. I’ll be sending lots of good thoughts your way and wishing you the best of luck!


  4. Great stuff! I didn’t have any goals at all.

    Stress does bad things to our bodies [and souls too]. More than one would imagine in the first place. It’s such a pity so many people are so stressed out.

    Yes, be thankful that you love your family. Those can be complicated at times … families, that is 🙂


    • Thanks! I’ve found this goal thing to be helpful with motivation. I inherited the “worry-gene” in the family so I tend to get overwhelmed, under-motivated, and apparently stressed out! But I’m hopeful that knowing is half the battle and things will start smoothing out a bit 🙂 Given that family is usually the root of things, I’m thinking a change in perspective will yield a change in overall outlook. We shall see – because you’re so right, they can be…complicated 🙂


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