Travel Tuesday: A [Brief] Tour of Edinburgh

It’s time to link up with Bonnie and her two lovely co-hosts Melanie & Tina for Travel Tuesday! Up this week is a brief tour of Edinburgh! I’m using brief as a relative term here although I’ll try to stick with the goal (smile).

We spent the first few days of our Scotland adventure in Edinburgh. This wasn’t my first time in the city, but it was the first where a) I was old enough to appreciate life outside of the pubs and b) I had enough time to really explore a bit.

Old Waverly, Prince Street Park, Edinburgh, Scotland

View from the Old Waverly Dining Room

We stayed in the lovely Old Waverly Hotel on Princes Street. It did take us a bit of time to find parking and effort to move the luggage from the car park to the hotel (there’s no drop off spot), but overall it wasn’t too bad. If you’re coming by train, the hotel is literally just across the street from the main station. Also worth noting, I booked directly through the hotel’s website and got a fabulous off season deal! I was able to book a larger room with both breakfast and dinner included (turns out they had a really nice restaurant – score!).

We started out at Edinburgh Castle and meandered down the Royal Mile ducking in shops and pubs along the way. We had a nice leisurely (and warm) tour around St. Giles then continued on eventually reaching Holyrood Palace, which is the royal residence of the Queen when she is in town, and decided tea and a tour were in order (in that order – smile).

Holyrood Palace is beautiful, of course. They have a nice selection of rooms you get to tour, but photos are not allowed indoors. We didn’t see the gardens as they were closed for the winter, but we were able to spend some time in the adjoining Abbey ruins.

After Holyrood Palace, we walked over to Holyrood Park to debate the merits of trying to make the hike to Arthur’s Seat. Given the time of day and our general lack of preparedness, we opted for a shorter, easier hike. We did gain a bit of altitude though, affording some beautiful views. It was also fun to see the braver people walking along the higher paths.

We booked a ghost tour for one of the nights but I opted not to bring my camera for that (no one likes a flasher!). It’s becoming a bit of a tradition for me to go on one of these tours when I visit the city and I must admit I’m okay with that. Next to Savannah, Georgia, I think Edinburgh has some of the best ghost stories in the world (smile). There are two main tours – a and b. I’ve done both and have no qualms about recommending either, depending on your preference.

We spent one of our other nights in the city at the Brew Dog Edinburgh, an awesome recommendation from the equally awesome Pristine. (Big smile & Big thanks!) It’s got a more local bar type feel to it, which was actually a nice change of pace. It’s located near the University so there’s definitely an interesting blend of people. The craft beers there are amazing! That’s right – bold, italics amazing (smile). All that amazing-ness also made for a very interesting stumble walk back to the hotel, but that’s what makes life fun, right? I feel like these guys are definitely going places and I’m glad I got to visit before they blow up big time.

Old Waverly, Edinburgh, Scotland

View from our room

We saw quite a few other places around Edinburgh as well – both while driving in circles looking for the carpark and by just meandering around on foot. Part of the real joy in Edinburgh is being able to explore all the closes and wynds to see where you end up! I may share some of the other photos and place recommendations in another post but I think I’ll end this one here. I hope you guys aren’t getting too tired of Scotland posts – I’m just getting warmed up! (smile)


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14 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: A [Brief] Tour of Edinburgh

    • Thank you!! I can empathize – I was just there a few months ago and just writing this post made me wish to go back! In truth I really didn’t want to leave! It would definitely be an interesting & lovely city to live in πŸ™‚


    • It really is a lovely city – so much history, so many stories, and so many wonderful people (how often can you say that about a city?)!! I was impressed by how many activities they’ve opened for kids now as well – seems like a brilliant idea! It’s certainly worth a visit if you can make it πŸ™‚


  1. I am loving your posts about Scotland. I am hoping to go in the fall this year, so it is helpful to hear about experiences others have had there.


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