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The most tragic thing happened late last year – my favorite local, up & coming, Indie, super cool radio station was bought out and taken over by yet another Top 20 station. I’m not opposed to those but we’re a little inundated these days! Since this sad, sad turnover I feel like I’ve lost touch with so many of the not-so-mainstream bands out there. I mean thanks to that radio station I heard & saw Kings of Leon, Neon Trees, Cage the Elephant, etc before most people even knew they existed! Ugh. Just ugh. {End lamentation/rant}

Considering that the majority of my music listening is done via (basic) radio or through the music channels on cable (yeah, I know), I definitely need some help. So I’m super excited about this week’s Creative Collective music playlist sharing as I’ll get to check out everyone else’s playlist and pick up some new ideas – awesome! (smile)

So for my lists, I’ve actually decided to share two – one more mellow and one for those days when you just need something a little edgier.

*You can listen to each of the playlists on Grooveshark by clicking the titles of each list. I couldn’t get either to embed properly unfortunately.

Mellow musings

Mellow Music

Those Days

Those Days Playlist


Come join the fun!!

The Creative Collective

6 thoughts on “Background Music

  1. I didn’t know any of them! 😮
    Thanks for reminding me of Grooveshark — I had totally forgotten about that service!
    I listen to music on the ordinary radio, and ever since we moved here, I’ve only listened to one station! We came here, from Quebec, where every channel was in French and I didn’t listen. I guess I was so happy to find this C&W channel here [it’s local with local news too], so I just stayed with it. This means that I’m so out of touch with what’s going on … Zac Brown Band has become my all time favourite 🙂


    • To be honest until this linkup I’d totally lost touch with Grooveshark as well – it was a wonderful homecoming 🙂 I was surprised that my old account still worked and definitely had a good time listening to my old lists. Oh my… 🙂
      I empathize with the radio situation – usually one of the first things I do in a new city is find the radio stations – I totally judge a place by their radio stations. Whatever that says about me, it’s true 🙂 I really like Zac Brown Band as well – I’ve actually seen them at a festival back home in AL. They’re wonderful live!


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