Weekly Photo Challenge | Treasure Box

This week’s photo challenge is Treasure. Now you guys know how much I heart my kitties, and I’ve done the favorite things post, so for this post I wanted to think of something different. So I took a look around my apartment to find something I’ve “treasured” enough to drag around the country with me through my various moves. When I found this little box I had a serious Bingo! moment (smile).

This little box of treasure is full of memories going all the way back to middle school. Seriously. Remember those lovely little notes you wrote to your friends and passed back and forth during class or in the hallways? This box contains a collection of my favorite and/or most meaningful notes from 7th grade forward. It’s made the move to college, law school, and now the real world! I love re-finding this lovely little box all along and reading the notes. I’m still friends with some of these ladies and it’s so cool to see how things have changed – or not – through the years.

treasure box, memories, notes

I wonder what I have on those…

Yes, there’s even some old school computer data storage devices in there! I should find a reader just to see what kind of Notepad files I deemed fit to keep secreted away for all these years (smile).

What do you treasure enough to keep around??

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