Creative Collective: Anything Goes?

This week’s Creative Collective prompt from Melyssa is “anything goes art.” Hmm… What do I have lying around my apartment that would make a good art project?? How about at least 3 DIY projects inspired by Pinterest? Why yes, I think that one of those will do! (smug smile)
Or that’s pretty much how the dialogue went last night while I was waiting on laundry to finish so I could pack for the weekend. But boy did I end up down the rabbit hole!


Love this quote!

I saw this idea/quote on Pinterest some time ago and fell in love with the idea of making my own version. I’ve had the supplies for some time now, so this seemed like the perfect excuse to check this one off my to do list. I thought it would be fairly simple but I didn’t count on spacing stencils and dry time b/w letters. And now it’s done, I kind of want to create a larger version! Maybe after the other projects on the list (smile).


Currently on the bookshelf


I think I find this quote so appealing because of the answer at the end. I feel like most of my days are spent in search of freedom, in one form or another. It’s a very apt summary of my feelings on the subject (smile).

Do you have any DIY projects lying around? Now’s the time to tackle & share!

3 thoughts on “Creative Collective: Anything Goes?

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  2. Hello! I came here from the link-up. Awesome work and I bet it took quite some time! I also have a Pinterest inspired post myself. A larger version on canvas (probably?) will be even more gorgeous.

    I have a list of DIY things I want to do, and so far I’ve done none, waiting for the weekend to get started 🙂


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