Ponderings from “Home” | Part 1

Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.

~Robert Frost~

I’ve come back to my dad’s house for a couple of weeks to spend some quality time with my grandparents and, if I’m honest, to recharge. I need some time away to think and to evaluate life – where I am and where I want to go. It’s something I so rarely take time for in my daily life, it’s hard to allow myself to just sit and think – to consider and to observe. One of my favorite topics this trip has been the cultural differences (aka “why am I the black sheep of the family”). I’ve an idea or two for a blog post on this, but here are a few tidbits – the good and not so good – that I thought I would share now, along with some pretty photos at the end (smile).

  • “Bless his/her heart” truly is used primarily as a backhanded compliment (except when discussing serious health-related issues).
  • Social traditions are alive and well – including where you sit in church and the atrocity of moving for no particular reason.
  • Sadly, racial prejudice is also alive and well. I think perhaps because I’m so used to not hearing it, these occurrences stand out to me even more now than when I lived here. This is so beyond unfortunate…
  • On a similar note, to some “southern gentlemen,” a female is a girl and will be until she loses her teeth. At that point she becomes a “wise woman” and may have an opinion. Clearly I’m a few years too young for that last designation and thus have no valuable life experience (just a lot of frustrations).
  • By the southern grandma definition, I am officially an old maid – I’m 30, unwed, and have no immediate prospects of remedying my situation. I prefer the term “cat lady;” sounds much less lonely!
  • Food tastes so much better when you can overlook the garden/field/etc it came from whilst enjoying it (smile).
  • On the flip side, my poor tummy is not okay with all the fried food. I’ve become the grill master this week!
  • Dirt roads are, truly, so much more beautiful in some undefinable way.
  • I miss green – trees, grass, flowers, etc. I love certain aspects of Phoenix, but I’ve never been a huge fan of brown.

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