Travel Tuesday: Lake Eufaula

Happy Travel Tuesday everyone!! Inspiration struck over the weekend and I decided to take a break from Scotland in order to focus on an old favorite right here in Alabama. What’s life if you can’t shake up your editorial calendar once in a while, right? (smile)

Lake Eufaula (pronounced something like “you-fall-uh”) is technically the Walter F. George Lake, but being that the City of Eufaula runs along the lake, most people in Alabama refer to it as Lake Eufaula. It seems that the good people of Georgia have also adopted this practice. The lake is a part of the Chattahoochee river and covers approximately 30 miles in length and 46,000 acres. There’s certainly no shortage of shoreline or quiet spots to sink an anchor! However, one thing of rather important note about Lake Eufaula is the resident gators – as in alligators – as in the swamp wars, boots and purses, large toothed reptiles. Growing up, Lake Eufaula was a go-to recreation spot for my family and I remember water-skiing and swimming in that water. You’d occasionally hear rumors of a gator here or there, but these days you can see them for yourself! Needless to say, in-water recreation is a bit limited, but above-water recreation is still alive and well (smile).

The scenery on and around the lake is absolutely gorgeous! Despite the gators, there are all manner of birds, fish, turtles, and other wildlife in and around the water. The water plants are particularly beautiful in the summer months and the shore is lined with trees covered in Spanish moss. It’s a truly “southern” scene which makes the sunrises and sunsets all the more breathtaking.

Over the last few years, we’ve established a new tradition of going fishing when my brother and I are both back “home” (aka my dad’s house). Luckily, my brother was able to make it to Alabama for a long weekend this past weekend and since the weather decided to cooperate beautifully, we loaded up the boat and off we went! It was a great day on the water and we had a decent catch – enough for dinner and for throwing back (smile). I think it’s primarily fun because it’s something we all enjoy and can do together. There’s beautiful scenery and plenty of time to talk, tell stories, and just generally catch up with one another. I treasure all of the moments I’ve spent on this lake in my lifetime, and I hope to have many more just like this weekend (smile).

We primarily go for the catfish (like the one above), but there’s any number of other varieties available. Even though the lake spans a bit of Alabama and Georgia, you only need a valid fishing license from one or the other should you choose to try your skills (aka luck). Despite the gators, there are designated “beach” recreation areas where they have some type of gator-control and I’m assured those areas are quite safe. In terms of camping, there are several campsites along both sides of the lake ranging anywhere from “primitive” to “luxury,” all for a very reasonable fee. Should you ever find yourself in the area, it’s well worth a visit. And should you find yourself near the water after dark, make sure to bring along a flashlight to shine out over the water – it’s a singular experience seeing all the eyes staring back at you (big-toothed gator smile)!


Come join the fun with Bonnie, Melanie, Tina, and everyone else!!

Travel Tuesday

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