Thoughts from “Home” | Part 2

OK, in all honesty this post is being composed en route back to my other home in the desert, but I’m technically still in Alabama so I’m counting it (smile). It’s also a day late, but such is life. Here we go:

* The state signs for Alabama say “Alabama the Beautiful.” Sometimes I forget why they call it that, but as I’ve watched Spring blossom these last couple of weeks, I get it.


* On the subject of Spring, I really miss having one.
* Southern church services are entirely unique and make for a fascinating Sunday morning.
* It’s truly so nice to be able to walk out the door and have room to roam.


* Quiet is good for the soul. Remembering to put the technology away and enjoy the quiet is even better.
* There are quite a few stereotypes still in play here that would make it difficult for me to “fit in” again.
* I’m not sure if I’ll ever be a true “country girl” again. Alas…
* Pretty much everything washes off, but it’s still icky. (smile)
* I miss my family.


I’d like to ask everyone to send me some positive thoughts re catching my connection back to Phoenix. It appears even the weather doesn’t want me to go back! But I’m seriously unequipped to spend the night in North Carolina!! (Brr!)


2 thoughts on “Thoughts from “Home” | Part 2

  1. I hear you! Would probably be very difficult for you to go back, being a country girl again. I often ponder what it would be for me, were I to go back after ten years. Hope you made your flight.

    That photo with the horse would probably win some prizes! It’s totally awesome.


    • Thank you! I snapped it quickly this morning and now I wish I’d taken more 🙂 Sadly I did not make that flight, but at least I got a nice hotel out of the ordeal!
      I toy with the idea of trying to go back, but I think what I need is something in the middle – balance. Easier said than found 🙂 But it is fun sometimes to daydream a bit about going back and settling in.


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