Travel Tuesday: Cathedral Rock | Sedona

Happy Travel Tuesday everyone!! I’ve been sadly absent these last couple of weeks and must say I’ve missed these posts! But I’m back now (smile) to join up with Bonnie, Melanie, and Tina to take a trip to Sedona, Arizona!

Sedona is widely known for it’s red rocks and vortexes. It’s a lovely small city in between Phoenix and Flagstaff making it the perfect weekend trip or even a comfortable day trip. There are hikes, tours, spas, crystal specialists, and many other fun/mystical activities in Sedona depending on your preference. I’m personally a sucker for the crystal shops and the hiking – both offer stunning views of unique rocks (smile).

So far, my favorite hike is up to the formation known as Cathedral Rock (I’m sure the name has something to do with that). I generally go through the Crescent Moon Picnic site over to Red Rock Crossing. This path takes you along Oak Creek where you can picnic or play in the water at you leisure. You eventually come out at Red Rock Crossing where you can either cross the creek and continue the hike up to Cathedral Rock, or you can sit tight and take pretty photos from afar. Personally, I have not ventured all the way to the rock formation itself, but I hear it’s a very intense hike – if you go all the way be sure to start early and take plenty of water!

There are stacked rock totems at various intervals ranging from pretty basic to very impressive. There are several legends associated with these rock stacks, mostly spiritual. Creating a stack is considered an exercise in the imagination, balance, and patience (smile).

A few words of wisdom:

  • Bring lots of water – no matter what time of year
  • Watch the weather – Sedona is infamous for pop up storms
  • Watch for wildlife
  • Be prepared to get (at least) your feet wet
  • Don’t follow the trail past the creek crossing without a map – it gets very tricky very quickly


Come join the fun!!

Travel Tuesday

6 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Cathedral Rock | Sedona

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    • Really? That’s awesome – maybe I’ll get to check that one out sometime as well! It’s definitely a gorgeous area, especially along the border between Utah & Arizona. Makes for a wonderful road trip πŸ™‚


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