Creative Collective: A Little Zen [Garden]

Oh Pinterest how you have saved my sanity on those long, crazy days where I cannot bear one more contract email!! I’ve found fun things to decorate my home, my wardrobe, and my hair. I’ve discovered countless recipes – some good, some not so good. I go to you to cure boredom, to take a break, and to find the answers to so many questions. I don’t know how you so quickly became such a crutch in my life, but I’m certainlyΒ glad you’re there (smile).

Okay, gushing ode to a website done.

This week’s creative idea from the Creative Collective (sponsored by the inspiring Melyssa over at the Nectar Collective) was to find something on Pinterest that you’ve always wanted to do and make it happen. I definitely have a “Do It Myself” board along with the best of intentions of giving these projects a try (smile). I’ve completed a few projects (like this one), but I’m always up for motivation to complete another!

As much as I do love spending time on Pinterest, it can certainly turn into a time sink if I’m not careful (an issue primarily when at work). So I decided that perhaps it was time to create a zen alternative – appropriately enough a mini zen garden! Β This wasn’t exactly a do-it-yourself pin, but it was something I knew that I could do myself so I decided it would be a perfect project for this week’s creation (smile).

Here’s what I was aiming for (pin found here):

And here’s what I ended up with – pretty good if I do say so myself! (pleased-with-myself smile)


zen garden

I feel more zen already! πŸ™‚

You’ll notice that the one I was aiming for features a small cactus/succulent. I fully intend to add one to mine as well, but (shockingly enough) such plants are harder to find than one might think in the desert! Once I have my little cactus in place, I’ll post an update. My original intention was to bring this into the office with me, but I’ve been having such fun with it at home I may just have to make another (smile!)

What’s next up on your Pinterest DIY??


Come join the fun!!

The Creative Collective

8 thoughts on “Creative Collective: A Little Zen [Garden]

    • You definitely should – it was super easy and has really been so entertaining! I found the bowl and the sand at Hobby Lobby – the most colorful sand I found at my local store was in the wedding section (for sand ceremonies). Enjoy! πŸ™‚


        • I got mine at Lowe’s actually. They had a cute little selection of small cacti and succulents there that are perfect! If you put one in your zen garden, do make sure you’re bowl is large enough to leave you room to maneuver around it (lesson learned the hard way) πŸ™‚


    • You should totally make one – maybe grab some sand on your next beach adventure πŸ™‚ I tried it briefly with a cactus but I think I need a bigger container… Nothing zen about getting too close to something prickly. Lol


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