Weekly Photo Challenge: Dolphin On Top

This week’s photo challenge is “on top.” While visiting my friend in southern California a few weeks ago, we decided to go on a whale watching tour, hoping to catch one of the gentle giants on top. Unfortunately, we only had a few quick glances of whale tails (still cool to see). The trip definitely wasn’t a bust though – in addition to the whale tails, we had a gorgeous afternoon out on the water and saw (literally) hundreds of dolphins! These guys were having such a great time with the boat, it was hard not to be equally happy and carefree (smile).

Dolphin, Pacific Ocean, California

Dolphin On Top

To watch these guys in action click [here].

Happy weekend everyone!!

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dolphin On Top

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    • I think swimming with dolphins would be amazing! Some of the more experienced divers I’ve met have talked about meeting them underwater and how playful they can be – not sure I wouldn’t have a panic attack at first, but I bet it would be spectacular πŸ™‚


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