Insights & Gratitude

You guys! This weekend this little blog here passed 200 followers on WordPress!! A special thanks to each and every one of you who chooses to stop by, hit the like button, leave a comment, and especially to those who follow along!! (smile) I am both humbled and honored that so many people (and yes, to me that is a lot of people) want to see my photos or my words. I don’t say thank you enough to all the wonderful people I interact with on here, so I’ll say it now:


A few weeks ago, the lovely and talented Selena from Oh the Places We Will Go nominated me for a Liebster. I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to respond to this, and I feel like this milestone is a perfect time to share a few insights! (smile)


The Liebster is all about sharing the love and finding new blogs! There are just a few general rules: 1) give 11 random facts about yourself; 2) answer the 11 random questions posed by the nominator; and 3) tag other bloggers and ask them 11 random questions.

I admit, I copied Selena’s idea here and gave my 11 random facts a bit of a theme – blogging! It seemed appropriate (smile).



Desk photo

11 Random Facts

1. I used to use (smile) instead of 🙂 because I thought the emoticons looked funny. WordPress has fixed this now, but it’s hard to break the habit! (smile)
2. I started blogging for the community (I know, everyone says that but it’s true!) and also for the writing practice.
3. I don’t always leave comments on other posts because I like to leave meaningful comments, which means I have to think about the topic a bit. And I’m horrible at remembering to go back and post the comment. (sad face)
4. Reading through my Bloglovin’ and WordPress feeds is one of my favorite parts of the day.
5. I write a lot of my posts last minute – and usually at work (oops)!!
6. I love to write with parentheticals (if you haven’t figured that out already).
7. I only Photoshop about half of the photos I post on here because I dislike photo editing so much. I prefer to take them and share them. But that also means I’m a more thoughtful photographer (look at that, laziness pays – ha).
8. Since I have learned to shoot in Manual on my camera, I rarely use anything else – with mixed results.
9. I love blogging photo challenges because they widen my “eye” on photo subjects.
10. Sometimes I feel guilty for not posting more “personal” posts (such as this one), but I’m a private person so it’s a bit of a challenge. I’m working on it though!
11. I’m a closet blogger; most of my friends and family don’t know about this blog. And I prefer to keep it that way, so I can keep this space honest.

Bonus fact: I named this blog Pondertheirrelevant based on “motivational” throw pillows my roommate and I made in college. Mine was “Ponder The Irrelevant,” and hers was “When I Swarm, I Swarm Alone.” I have no idea where those phrases originated – we were clearly bored. (smile)

Oh, The Places We Will Go.

Selena’s 11 Questions

1.  What is one challenge that you have set yourself this year? To make monthly goals and post about them on the blog for accountability.

2.  What is the biggest obstacle you have faced while traveling? I’m a planner – I like to have at least some idea of where I’m going and to be on time. Unfortunately, in traveling that’s not always possible. I’ve really had to learn to go with the flow whether with plane delays, hotel mis-bookings, or just getting lost altogether.

3.  What are some of your favorite sayings?

  • You get further by persuading people than by arguing with them.
  • Just sayin’
  • Dude (yep, I’m that girl)
  • FML (only not the acronym)

4.  In everyday life, what is your number one pet peeve? Inconsiderate people – anyone not paying attention or those who choose not to consider anyone but themselves.

5.  When do you feel your happiest? When I’m on a plane going somewhere.

6.  What traits have you inherited from your parents?

  • From my dad – always having breakfast, not liking to stop on road trips, and enjoying “aggitating” others
  • From my mom – love of reading, tendency to bother someone until a task is complete, keeping all promises (for better or for worse)

7.  What are your top 5 travel destinations that you haven’t been to?

  • Spain
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand
  • Boston (U.S.)
  • Africa (pretty much anywhere)

8.  What is your favorite cocktail? Anything with rum!

9.  What is your dream job? Travel writer

10.  If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be?

  • To be debt free (damned student loans)
  • To have the means to travel wherever I want
  • To live in Scotland

11.  What is on your mouse pad? Not using one right now, but at work it’s an iceberg w/a motivational saying.



Now I’m going to cheat a little here. Instead of making up my own questions I’m going to go with those asked of me (because I think they’re great). And while I am going to tag my top 5 new favorite blogs for nomination (no pressure guys, I just think you’re awesome and want to share), I also encourage you to check out my blog roll over there on the right as well – I think all of those guys rock!

The Adventures of a 20 Something

Crap I Blog About

Savage Travels + Vanilla Lattes

Mila’s Little Things

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

A special thanks to Selena for this nomination! Make sure you go check out her amazing photos and travel stories!!



8 thoughts on “Insights & Gratitude

  1. Congratulations! 🙂 When I first came online there weren’t any smilies. In the chat room I frequented, we used *S* for smile, *LOL* and *BG* for ‘big grin’ and so on. At first, I thought it seemed kind of silly, but I quickly realised how important it was in online communication..

    Interesting read! *S*


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