Pondering May Days [Goal Check-in]

Well hello May! I know I open every one of these posts like this, but I just can’t believe how quickly time seems to pass!! I’m always happy at the end of each work day and the end of each work week, but it makes me sad to live for the end of a day instead of just the day. Doing just that was what inspired these goal posts in the first place. I’m hoping I can find a way to change this habit and sooner rather than later! But, as today’s May 1st, that means it’s time for a monthly goals check-in!

Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon, April 2014

April’s Lunar Eclipse

April Recap

So I have to say that my April Ambitions were a bit iffy on their outcomes. All I can say is that it was a difficult month…

1. Open Up. For many reasons, I think I’ve actually withdrawn more instead of opening up. It’s mostly to do with difficult decisions in my personal and professional life, but it’s still disappointing. I’m trying hard to remember that some things just take time, which is perfectly okay. I think I’m just going to shelve this one for a bit and try a more roundabout approach.

2. Write more freely. I feel like I’ve done pretty well with this one. I’ve been writing more in my journal and hitting the publish button on posts here that I normally wouldn’t. I’ve also been familiarizing myself more with Evernote (and loving it!). This will always be a work in progress, but progress has been made so I’m happy with that (smile).

3. Volunteer. This one was a total fail. I could make a million excuses here, but honestly – see #1. That said, this one really is important to me, so I’m moving it into May. I know that once I get going I’ll feel a lot better.

4. Spend as much time outdoors as possible. This is my one total success for the month! I’ve taken lunchtime strolls, evening strolls, and weekend hikes every chance I got. The weather is warming up now, but I feel that I’ve squeezed (and am still squeezing) every last bit out of the Phoenix Spring this year (smile). Having such success with this one also helps balance out the other not so successful goals this month. I have trouble sometimes unplugging and just thinking, but I’ve found walking helps a lot – double win!

wildflowers, Arizona, Papago Park

Flowers & Sunshine

Goals for May’s Days

1. Volunteer. I’ve got all the information, I just need to press send on my volunteer application and take the volunteer orientation. May is my month!

2. Meditate. The temps in Phoenix next week will hit 100 degrees. My walking days are coming to an end – at least outdoors. Even though I’ll move things indoors, I get nervous in large rooms with lots of other people, so there is no room for self reflection. As an alternative, I’d like to create a small space in my condo just to sit and think/dream/meditate at least most days. I really think it helps!

3. Summer book challenge. Today I came across the 2014 Summer Book Challenge. Since I have a physical and digital stack of books I’ve been meaning to get around to, this seems like great motivation to turn off the TV and get going! Plus, I’m hoping to get lots of great recommendations/ideas from other participants (smile). First book up – The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe.

Happy May everyone!! What are your goals for the month??



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