Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring Blossoms

This week’s photo challenge is all about SPRING!! Even though it’s technically moving in to summer here in Phoenix, I’ve still been lucky enough to experience what feels like a long and lovely spring season (smile). Seeing all of the animals frolicking about and the blossoms sprouting all around has been an amazing experience – and more noticeable this year for some reason. Maybe I just have a new appreciation for it all (smile). Happy May everyone!!

blossoms, butterfly

Butterfly & Blossoms


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring Blossoms

    • Thank you! We’re already into summer now, which means I’m starting to look forward to fall! Amazing what a difference a little latitude/longitude can make… I hope all the warmth and beauty of spring makes it worth the wait for you when it does finally blossom 🙂


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