One more chance: A FitBit Update

So a few months ago I acquired a FitBit Force, which I adored. It was definitely helpful when it came to tracking my movements and in motivating me to get up and about more during the days. Sadly, due to some skin reactions in a small amount of the population FitBit decided to issue a voluntary recall on the Force. I was really on the fence about sending mine back. It worked fine for me and I never experienced any adverse skin reactions. In the end I decided to go ahead and return the Force primarily as I was afraid that the software, etc wouldn’t be maintained in the future.


However, I was so addicted to that little tracker that the idea of going without one was less than thrilling. I looked at all sorts of other options – their reviews, styles, and prices – and truthfully it was almost overwhelming. In the end I decided to try the FitBit One.




Size/Weight: The One is a smaller version of the Force which clips to your body instead of being on your wrist. The popular spots are inside pockets, waistbands, or bras (for the ladies) – pretty much anywhere it’s secure and won’t easily fall off. It pretty much has all of the features of the Force, just in a different body.

 Accuracy: Due to the timing of ordering the One and returning the Force, I had about a week where I wore both. I was a little surprised to discover that the One seemed to be a bit more accurate than the Force! Apparently being worn on your arm, the Force can interpret movement (e.g., clapping) as steps – or fail to count steps if your arm isn’t moving (e.g., carrying something). From what I could tell in my research, this seems to be a problem in most of the wristband trackers. Since the One attaches to your core, it appears to have a truer pedometer count of how many steps you actually take. It’s also much more stingy with calories burned, which I figure is (unfortunately) more accurate as well.

 Sleep Tracking: The One does come with a wristband you can wear at night to monitor sleep patterns, but frankly I found it a bit bothersome to wear. It’s not uncomfortable but it is a rather wide band. So I either sleep with the One clipped somewhere or leave it on the nightstand. The One does have an alarm function, but I rarely use it (same as the Force). 

Software/Syncing: The FitBit One works with the same software as the Force, syncs the same, and interacts with other apps (such as MyFitnessPal) with no problems. It was super easy to transfer from one device to the other, which was a relief.

Clock Options: In addition to better accuracy, the One is also much more discrete and leaves me free to accessorize at will (because bracelets). I do miss having the time feature on my wrist as it sometimes appears I’m looking at my boobs when I have the One on my bra and am trying to see the time. But people just think I’m odd, and that’s okay too (smile).

Overall: Now that I’ve had the One for a while, I can honestly say that I think I do like it better than the Force. It works well for my lifestyle and gives me more options in terms of wear-ability. It still doesn’t track activities such as yoga, cycling, etc. but I can just add those in later. I do miss my Force sometimes, but I’m happy to say I’m also really satisfied with its replacement (smile).

Do you have a fitness tracker – if so which one do you rely on??

6 thoughts on “One more chance: A FitBit Update

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  4. I’ll get One of these One time. 😉
    I think it’s a nice device to measure the steps I take when I trek, or on everyday activities. And I haven’t cling anything on my bra before so I’m looking forward to using this One. . though I have this habit of checking the time from time to time for the sake of checking it. 😉


  5. I don’t have a fitness tracker yet, but I’ve been eyeing one doubles as a heart rate monitor too, which I think would be awesome for tracking your workouts and whatnot more accurately!


    • I read a lot of good things about the trackers with heart monitors built in – apparently they are by far the most accurate. Sadly, they were also just a little out of my price range at the moment. Maybe one day 🙂


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