Pondering – Favorite Songs & Lyrics

You know that moment when a favorite song or a maybe just a song you haven’t heard in a while comes on and you just can’t help but rock that one part that just really seems to speak to you (even if that does happen to be the entire song – smile)?? I seem to have a lot of those moments, which always amuse me considering I refuse to even sing aloud to myself most of the time. But much like a favorite line of poetry you can’t help but reading out loud, exceptions must be made to the singing moratorium from time to time (smile).

some ecards, singing

This applies equally to songs I don’t know & the ones I do!!

My love of music comes second only to my love of reading. It’s odd to me that I have no qualms about quoting a poem or a book in an appropriate context, but I rarely do the same with song lyrics. I mean I’ve always felt that song lyrics are essentially a form of poetry set in motion, so I’m not quite sure what differentiates the two. At any rate, I do think it gives an interesting glimpse into a person as to what song or part of a song speaks to them enough to warrant a sing-along (especially for the non-singers like myself). So today I thought it would be fun to share a rather random sample of the songs – and the particular lyrics – that never fail to get a response out of this tight-lipped girl. Some are just catchy, others have meaning, and a couple I have actually deemed quote worthy on occasion!

Dark Paradise Lana Del Ray

Dark Paradise – Lana Del Ray

Mad Season  Matchbox Twenty

Mad Season – Matchbox Twenty

The Importance of Being Idle  Oasis

The Importance of Being Idle – Oasis

Let It Be The Beatles

Let It Be – The Beatles

No Rain Blind Melon

No Rain – Blind Melon

Mary Jane's Last Dance, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Mary Jane’s Last Dance – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Icky Thump, The White Stripes

Icky Thump – The White Stripes

Stars, One Republic

Stars – One Republic

Gravity John Mayer

Gravity – John Mayer

Here Comes Horses, Tabitha's Secret

Here Comes Horses – Tabitha’s Secret

I’ve also created a Grooveshark playlist where you can listen to the full songa as well as a few other favorites that didn’t make it on to this list.

Do you have a favorite song or lyrics that you can’t resist singing aloud??

4 thoughts on “Pondering – Favorite Songs & Lyrics

  1. What a fun post. Yes, of course, I sing along to almost everything…whether I know the lyrics or not. Thank God for the internet because I can actually look up mumbled lyrics now and understand what I’m supposed to be singing! Two favorites would be Silver Springs by Stevie Nicks and Rolling in the Deep by Adele. And only about a hundred more…..


    • Oh I love Stevie Nicks as well! It was actually more difficult that I originally thought it would be to narrow these down. I decided just to go with the first 10 that popped into my head to keep it random 🙂


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