Pondering Summer [June Goal Check-In]

It’s hard to believe the official start of summer is coming up! Well, at least until I check the weather and see that Phoenix is on par to hit its first 110 degree day this week – yay. (smile) I promise I won’t complain about the weather all summer…just maybe most of it. I’m definitely plotting to escape the heat as much as possible this summer!So it’s a new month, which means it’s time for a goal check-in!!

rearview mirror, sunset

May Recap

1. Volunteer. So I finally signed up to volunteer at a local animal organization, and I’ll be attending orientation once I get back from my Yellowstone trip. I’m really looking forward to getting started and doing something more beneficial with my time!

2. Meditate. I admit this one got off to a wobbly start. It was surprisingly difficult for me to try to focus and stay on point. I feel like things are getting better, but also that perhaps this is an activity that requires further research. Practice, practice, right?

3. Summer Book Challenge. I’ll be posting an update on this one soon. I’m really loving this extra book time. I’ve actually read several books that don’t qualify for any of the categories just because they looked interesting at the library. Yep! I’ve even made it back into the library, which I adore! I don’t know why I don’t go there more often…

cactus sunset

June Goals

1. Take lots of pictures at Yellowstone. I’m guessing this one shouldn’t be too difficult (smile). We’ll be up there for just about a week and I can’t wait to be outside and rambling again!

2. Make a difficult personal decision. I don’t really discuss my personal life on here (at least related to relationships), but that doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. I’ve been vacillating on a very tough decision for a while now, and I think it’s beyond time I face it head on. I’m not even quite sure what I want the outcome to be, but it’s time for change.

3. Create a more detailed budget. I do pretty well with general budgeting and try to keep myself in check. However, I have a big trip in mind for next spring and I need to find a way to put aside a little more than usual. Plus I think it’ll be insightful to see how much I spend on what types of items. I’m probably not nearly as frugal as I think I am!

4. Continue the Summer Book Challenge. It’s been so much fun so far! Considering the amount of time I’ll be spending inside to escape the heat, I think this is the perfect incentive to read instead of watching tv all the time (smile).

Are you looking forward to summer??



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