Travel Tuesday: Travel Animals


Happy [Travel] Tuesday!! I had originally planned on sharing a bit of Yellowstone today, but I may have gotten a little carried away with photo ops during the trip and there’s a small chance that it may take me a bit longer to sort through/process the best ones (only the best for you guys after all – smile). Since a large portion of Yellowstone is the animals themselves, I thought it would be fun to share a few snapshots of the animals I’ve met throughout my travels. Some are pretty, some are just pretty scary, but they are all pretty cool (smile).

North America

South America

Southeast Asia

What’s your favorite animal encounter??

Come join the fun with BonnieKaeleneSammy, and Van!!

Travel Tuesday

11 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Travel Animals

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  2. Wow, some great pics. I love seeing animals when I travel. I can’t think of my favorite animal yet but I am hoping it may be yet to come as we venture to Africa next month, yikes! We did get to see an elephant and some monkeys in Cambodia & Vietnam which were pretty neat, but honestly I was more smitten with the kittens I found along the way:)


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