Pondering Independence [July Goal Check-In]

Well hello summer! I wish I could say I was happy to see you but, well, I live in Phoenix and 110+ is just not pleasing. Sorry. Nonetheless, all this indoor time has given me lots of time for reading and for thinking, both of which I’ve really needed and enjoyed! So here’s to summer and July goals…

Yellowstone National Park, Bison

June Recap

1. Take lots of pictures at Yellowstone. So this one is totally a “check, check, check!” I was playing with a new camera lens so I probably took way more photos than was actually necessary, but sometimes it takes a few clicks to get the photos right! I’ve shared a couple photos around here (here, here, and here), but there are more to come this month I promise!

2. Personal decisions. So yeah, this was a great big fail all the way around. I think my personal life is even more screwy now than it was. I really want to say I’ll just let this one run it’s course naturally, but realistically that’s just my way of justifying my procrastination. If I’m ever going to feel better – physically or otherwise – I need to get rid of some stress. And really it’s not fair to any parties involved. Maybe July?

3. Create a more detailed budget. I found an awesome budgeting app that helps me to track my expenses and puts them into categories so I can see where my money disappears every month. So far I really like it, but haven’t really had it long enough to see any results. Expect a full report in a few months!

Yellowstone National Park bison on roadway

July goals

1. Plan a baby shower. My BFF over in Cali is having a baby girl in September and, as a pseudo-auntie, I’m absolutely so excited! Since the due date is rapidly approaching, it’s past time I got myself in gear and got this planned out. Now to find themes for a non-traditional mommy…

2. Find an outlet. June turned out to be an incredibly stressful month, and sadly it was just a preamble to July. I really need to find and commit to an active outlet to help cope with the stress. This isn’t really an optional goal given the ongoing health concerns. I’m thinking it’s time to find a not-hot yoga studio (smile)

3. Call my grandparents every week. My grandfather is steadily declining and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if I have to fly back soon. Unfortunately, I can’t make it back for the 4th, but I’m hoping to go back early August (if not before). I’ve been trying to stay in contact more often, but I feel like I need to make a more concerted effort.

4. Organize all of my photos. I’ve been meaning to do this forever now and it’s far past time I stopped procrastinating. I started this task but failed to finish due to technical difficulties. Now that those have been remedied and I have zero desire to trudge around outside in the heat, there’s no time like the present (smile). Not only will I be a happier camper, but I’ll also have better access to lovely photos to share with you guys (win/win)!

How’s your summer going so far??



6 thoughts on “Pondering Independence [July Goal Check-In]

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  2. Gorgeous photos wow! Your july goals are great, and I really want to inspire myself with them! hahaha hot yoga is not relaxing I agree, but normal yoga can really help with the stress, I know it’s been helping me!


    • Thanks! I feel like setting and posting these monthly goals has really helped me stick with them and make some changes. Just the motivation I was hoping for 🙂 I’ve been looking into yoga studios in the area and trying a few out – it’s almost surprising what a difference atmosphere makes! Do you go to a studio or practice at home?


  3. I love these photos!!!

    How do you want your personal life to be?
    I’ve given up on organizing all my photos. I have 35,000 i Flickr. Most of them are tagged, so most of the time I can find what I’m looking for, but there’s also a helluva lot of untagged …. that’s the bad part.

    Have you seen a TV-show called SUITS? 😀


    • Thank you! Yellowstone was so photogenic – it’s been fun going through all the photos (not so much in trying to narrow them down) 🙂
      Oh the photos…I’m not even sure how many there are. My biggest issue is that they’re on 3 (possibly 4) different hard drives and I really need them to be all on one. I haven’t made it past that in terms of precisely how to organize them. Daunting for sure…I’ve thought about trying a program to organize them, but have had bad experiences in the past. One step at a time on this one!
      Yes! I’ve watched a few episodes of the new season but realized I need to go back and see it all properly from the beginning. So I’m working on that now 🙂


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