Pondering Summer [August Goal Check-In]

As predicted, July was a crazy sort of month. It was filled with a lot of stressful decisions and (luckily) unexpected beach time. I guess you could say it all balanced out (smile). August promises to be a busy month as well, but I’m okay with that – I’m hoping it makes the time go by quicker so we can move on to cooler weather! I definitely want some semblance of all four seasons in my next location (smile).

Huntington Beach California Water Flower

Huntington Beach

July Recap

1. Personal decisions. This one is technically from June, but better late than never, right? I’ve recently realized that I actually have a future plan in mind. I know that sounds weird, but for so long all I could tell you is what I didn’t want – so it feels weird to have a solid direction again. Unfortunately, step one was making a tough personal decision and hurting feelings, something I absolutely hate to do! However, I feel good about where I’m going and really excited to have taken the first step!

2. Plan a baby shower. Done and done! Only a few weeks until I head out to California for all the fun and (embarrassing) games! (smile)

3. Call my grandparents every week. Mixed results on this one – I haven’t called them every week, but I’ve been checking in every other week at least. I know I need to bump it up another notch; I just need to figure out the best way to keep it in the schedule.

4. Organize all my photos. This one is a complete fail. I did manage to get the hard drive out of my old computer, but haven’t plugged it in to get the photos off yet. I’m moving this one to August.

Puerto Pensasco Mexico Sunset

Puerto Pensasco Sunset

August Goals

1. Organize all my photos. As stated before, this has to happen!

2. Finish blanket for baby shower. In the winter months I normally really enjoy crocheting. Recently I got it in my head to make a baby blanket for my BFF, but with the shower fast approaching I need to get a move on!

3. Order a PMP study guide. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification for a while now. I think I should have the requisite qualifications by the time I study up for the exam, so I just need to get my study guide and get going! It’s part of step 2 on the new life plan (smile)!

What are your goals for the rest of the summer??



10 thoughts on “Pondering Summer [August Goal Check-In]

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  2. Those are some great goals and I can’t wait to hear more about the PMP certification (hopefully you’ll blog about it?) as I’ve played around with this idea myself. Don’t blame you that the baby blanket isn’t done yet…it is too hot to crochet right now (says me with a basket of yarn waiting to be made into a blanket for a Christmas present 🙂 )


    • Thanks 🙂 I’ll definitely be sharing the PMP journey (I’m so glad someone else knows what that is!) on here. It’s certainly an involved process, but I’ve been through worse w/the bar certification. Anything after that has to be easy (I hope)!

      It is too hot to crochet – even a baby blanket! I have to sit in front of the fan while I’m working on it. lol It’s looking more and more like a “baby’s first Christmas” kinda present, but I haven’t given up yet 🙂 Will you be working on a full size project?


  3. Oh, some great goals. I almost always need to be organizing files and photos on my computer. We have taken thousands of pictures over the past 2 weeks in Kenya and Tanzania and now I am just further behind then before! Good luck on your August goals and love the new blog design!


    • Thanks so much! The design is a work in progress – it’s been an interesting learning curve 🙂
      I can’t wait to see the Africa photos and to hear about the trip! Do you use a particular software for organizing your photos or just the folder method? I’m beginning to wonder if there is an optimal solution for the (soon-to-be-organized) chaos!


      • I have a PC and a Mac which further contributes to the problems as on the PC I have a folder system and on the Mac I dump things into iPhoto. I also back-up on a harddrive so things are just a bit of everywhere but I just make sure I have duplicates so if one crashes I won’t lose everything!……Good luck, and look forward to hearing about what system you decide to use!


  4. Sounds good! I don’t have goals, not consciously at least. To organize my photos … I’ve given up on that. Now I have one year folder, and months sub folders and they in turn have day folders. The thing is to remember when I shot them, if I want to find them. I have Aperture as editor now, and it was much easier to tag them in Picasa.


    • I tried a photo organizing software on a previous computer and it hijacked my photos into its own format – that’s been a huge part of the organization challenge! I’m trying geographical then by date just in folders for now. The remembering the when the photo taken is indeed the key! (and the real pain some days…)


  5. Oh that’s lovely! Hope you get to organise your photos! I’ve had this goal for about 3 months to do a scrapbook for my year abroad and it still has to be started – I’m hoping that can be my achievement for August! 🙂


    • I finally got a good start on the photo organizing – well, at least getting them all in one place 🙂 I can definitely tell when I picked up a genuine interest in photography. lol
      I think that sounds like a great goal! It’s sometimes so hard to sit down and pull everything together, but I bet it’ll be great fun to look back on in the future 🙂


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