Shark Week

You guys…it’s shark week! For someone who has always been terrified of sharks (thanks to an unfortunate incident in my formative years), it’s funny how fascinated I am with this annual Discovery Channel event. I used to say it was a “know-you-enemies” thing, but now I feel like that’s not entirely true. I still don’t want to go swimming with sharks, but I have a new appreciation for the giant fish – they are, after all, just animals. Watching some of these shows is a lot like watching a scary movie for me, but I like to think I come away somewhat more educated (smile). The conservationist in me can’t help but feel for the species given the shark fin craze and senseless killing. So many animals pose a danger to humans, it seems unfair to carry an agenda against an animal that’s only doing what comes natural to it. It’s really interesting how a growing familiarity with the water has changed my views on the fun and the “dangers” below the surface. Needless to say, I’m definitely looking forward to the new programming this year (as well as a few old favorites)!

As for the rest of my weekend, it’s been completely unproductive – at least in terms of my “to do” list. Instead of staying close to home and checking off the list, I went out and about with good friends. I can’t say I regret it in the least (smile). Lately I’ve been spending entirely too much time ticking boxes instead of living life. I have a new focus for the future, which has been really liberating, but that’s no reason to forget to live in the moment. So this post is 12 hours behind and totally off the originally scheduled topic, but I have a huge grin on my face and some wonderful new memories. #sorrynotsorry

Tomorrow was supposed to be a bonus day off but I ended up getting called in anyway. I was pretty bummed about that at first, but I know the to do list will get done sometime. Not some random someday, but at some point. It’s good to remember that flexibility (and a carpe diem attitude) isn’t procrastination – it’s just living. (smile)

Pacific Ocean Beach

So beautiful and unassuming…

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Happy Monday (to those already there)!!

2 thoughts on “Shark Week

    • Yay shark week :)I just happened to catch a preview! I’ve almost decided that one day I want to see air jaws in person. Preferably from the safety of a rather large boat. Maybe while wearing some magical anti-shark-bite suit as well…


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