Weekly Photo Challenge: [Driving into the] Fray

dust storm

Driving into the fray

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is “fray.” Of course that can be interpreted in many different ways (which is probably one of the reasons it was chosen – smile) – there’s the fraying of objects such as cloth, rope, etc. and then there’s the “into the fray” of a challenge of some nature. I decided to go with the latter after coming across these photos today.

That photo up there is of an oncoming dust storm I was fortunate enough to encounter on I-10 en route back to Phoenix from California last month. I add those details as some justification for my stupidity in actually battling through this beast instead of pulling over with the sane people (chagrined smile). My thoughts went something like this – “Oh it’s just a dust storm. I’m tired, I want to get home. Maybe if I keep going I’ll get ahead of all this traffic. That guy’s doing it, I’ll just follow him.” All good until I get inside the monstrous cloud of dirt. See dust storms are called storms for a reason. The winds can be incredibly strong and there’s usually just enough moisture mixed in to create mud. There were points where I couldn’t see that guy I was following – but I also couldn’t see to pull off the road! It was a little like being in a car wash…only you’re getting washed in mud. Ha.

Obviously I survived and I did get in front of the traffic (minor victories!). But to say my nerves were also a bit frayed is both a bad pun and an understatement – Phoenix wasn’t too far away luckily. I definitely have a new respect for this brand of dust storm (oh yes, there are varieties); I think I’ll take the whole “pull the **** over” warning in my head a little more seriously in the future (smile).

dust storm

At the edge of the fray

Happy weekend everyone!!

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: [Driving into the] Fray

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  2. Loved your comment that you were “fortunate” to encounter the dust storm LOL! Good choice for the challenge tho, so you got a sense of accomplishment, learned a new respect for nature’s volatility, AND got a challenge response out of it. Lucky you, quite the return on investment !!! 🙂


    • Exactly!! And of course all I could think was “This must be documented!” and “Too bad there’s no one in here with me to take pictures in the middle of this thing!” But I’m glad I got these snaps to share anyway 🙂


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  4. Good photos of a bad experience. I went through a similar one a few days ago, but in rain so strong that I had to slow to about 35 mph on the interstate. Yes, nerves get frayed that way! Glad you made it safely.



    • Oh I think rain can be so much worse! Strong winds and slippery roads are simply not a good combination. Of course that thinking is also what led to “a little dirt won’t hurt” in this instance 🙂 Lesson learned!

      Also – thank you!


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