Pondering September [Goal Check-In]

Wow – hello September! I have a bit of a confession to make here…I don’t really like September. As a whole, it’s always seemed to be an odd transition month with nothing particularly eventful to break up that strange feeling of being in between. However, this year promises to be an exception to that rule as my best friend is due to have her first child any day now! She’s my first close friend to have a baby and I am super thrilled to be part of the journey – and to be a first time (pseudo) Auntie!! This baby girl is going to be loved beyond all reason (smile). Suddenly this month seems so much more exciting already…

August Recap

1. Organize all my photos. I did get all of my photos onto one external hard drive. And I backed that drive up with another external hard drive. I call that progress given the number of photos I was working with (over 35k – a lot for this amateur photographer!).

2. Finish blanket for baby shower. Done! And I couldn’t be more pleased with the result! My friend loved it and hopefully I’ll get to take some pictures of my new niece with it very soon (smile).

3. Order a PMP Study Guide. I did rent a PMP study guide from Amazon. I’ve never rented a book from them before, but for the savings it was worth a shot. I have the book through December so I really need to start studying!


Much better view driving back this weekend 🙂

September Goals

1. Categorize/tag photos. Now that I have all of those photos in one place, I would like to start cross-categorizing/tagging them. Right now they’re all sorted by date, but I think I can take it a step or two further. Clearly this may be an ongoing goal, but I’m hoping to at least get a good start this month!

2. Study, study, study. I ordered my PMP Study Guide last month but didn’t have much time to really study as I was finishing baby blankets, etc. This month I’m hoping to integrate studying into my daily routine so I can start working my way through the book quickly.

3. Budget better. For several reasons both expected and unexpected, my budget has gotten a bit out of hand these last couple of months. In order to meet some upcoming larger goals, I really need to focus on being more aware of my spending habits and save, save, save!

4. Meet my niece! Okay so there’s not much I can do about this one besides drive to California, but you best believe I’ll be doing that as soon as she arrives! I’m so excited for my friend and her husband – they’re going to be great parents! And I plan on being the best (pseudo) Auntie I can be (huge grin)!




4 thoughts on “Pondering September [Goal Check-In]

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  2. Oh no! You don’t like September? I was beginning to think you were long lost twin after all the things I’ve seen we do have in common but have now found a difference. 🙂 For me September is a great month leading into my favourite season. Always feels like a new start for me, plus I love that it is finally going to get a little cooler.
    The baby blanket looks great! I’m still looking at the basket of yarn here beside my couch and thinking “how in the world will I get an afghan made by Christmas at this rate??”. Had no idea you could rent books from Amazon either. Hope the studying goes well. I’m sure it’ll be interesting subject matter so that’ll help. And awesome job with the photos! 35K!! You’ve inspired me to finally get my pics off my old computer once and for all. This week. Must to it THIS weekend.
    Can’t wait for next months check in!


    • Lol – I know, I know. I think I’m definitely in the minority with my feelings on September. I guess I’ve always lived in climates where the fall doesn’t really begin until October, so I’m always anxious to get there and forget to give September it’s due!
      Thanks on the baby blanket! It was much more of an undertaking that I had originally anticipated (these things usually are), but I think it turned out well. And my friend liked it, so I’m happy if she’s happy 🙂 I can’t wait until it cools off enough to inspire a new project! Do you do a lot of crochet work? I’ve been doing it for years but have only recently ventured into the more “complicated” patterns, etc. They def require more attention 🙂
      Good luck with the photo gathering/organization! It’s such a beast! I know there has to be a program out there to help, but I just haven’t found one I really trust (I had one that “ate” quite a few of my photos sadly). Do you use one in particular or just the folders method?


      • I guess that’s a good reason for not being so keen on September since you like my other favourite month. 🙂
        Yes, they usually do seem to take longer than you think they will. I’m sure your friend is thrilled with it, especially since she knows, no doubt, the time and care that went into making it. I don’t do as much crocheting as I’d like and since starting my blog it’s even less now. I’ve made one full size afghan, a couple of baby blankets, but then I tend to stick with dish cloths made out of the cotton yarn. They are quick so I get the joy of completing the project sooner, plus my family and some friends love them.
        So far no progress on the photos. 😦 All I use are folders and am still trying to perfect my naming scheme. This weekend for sure. Wait didn’t I say that last weekend? 🙂


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