Guest Post: 5 Most Desired Tourist Attractions In Australia

Australia is definitely in my top 5 places to visit next. In fact, it’s also on my list of potential countries for relocation! (I have a habit of leaping before I look, but it makes for some fun stories – smile.) Today I’m happy to feature a guest post on some of the top tourist attractions in Australia. Can’t wait until I can visit these for myself!

Australia is the driest and smallest continent and the world’s fifth largest country. In addition, it is the lowest stretch of vast flat land. The deserts no longer have a wild look because the largest part of the vast unknown of this country has been tamed. This continent is an extremely beautiful paradise that is filled with unique animals such as the Kangaroo and the Koala bear, deserts, an abundance of plants, mountains, and tropical forests. Its main attractions comprise of a series of galleries, national parks, museums, and lush forests. If you are planning a trip to Australia, the following are its 5 most desired tourist attractions that you should see.


This is Australia’s smallest state and it is situated on an island that has a similar name. The Bass Strait separates it from the mainland. It is formed by 17 national parks, pristine landscapes, mountains, and abandoned beaches. Intrepid travellers consider Tasmania one of Australia’s best attractions. If you like being in touch with nature, you should note that it is famous for the extremely clean atmosphere that it has something for everyone. The central plateau regions boast of hundreds of lakes, forgotten beaches that have a unique mystical feel and forests that are home to numerous species of animals.

AustraliaBlue Mountains National Park

National Parks are Australia’s best tourist attractions. The Blue Mountain Reserve is one such park. It is in the region of New South Wales, 81 km West of Sydney. The geographical location of this park is in an area that has high plateaus that are crossed by many valleys and rivers. Mount Werong, which hikers consider an interesting destination, is the highest mountain in this area.

AustraliaGreat Coral Reef

This is part of the Patrimony of UNESCO and it is the most renowned marine protected area it stretches more than 2300 kilometres across the coastline in the north-eastern part of Australia, to Cap York from Bundanber. Its Barrier is the world’s largest coral reef system, which houses 4000 mollusc species, 1500 fish species and more than 400 various types of corals.

AustraliaSydney Opera

This House, which is built near to Bennelong’s promontory, is nowadays the city’s symbol and one of Australia’s most popular attractions. Art lovers visit the country every year specifically to see this unique monument. Jorn Utzon, who is a Danish architect, designed the structure and built it in a unique modernist style. This Opera House has six auditoriums that house ballet shows, theatres and operas. It also has an open-air amphitheatre where visitors can hold outdoor representations.

AustraliaFraser Island

You should visit this island if you want natural tourist attractions in this country. It is the world’s biggest sand island and it is situated in Queensland’s eastern coast. It also forms part of the Patrimony of UNESCO. The island’s relief has numerous white sandy beaches, sweet water lakes, rivers, colour sand stones, and a very rich tropical forest that will make your visit memorable. The aforementioned attractions make Australia the perfect destination for your holiday. Hence, you should get an Australian visa so that you can head there as soon as possible!

Jane Robert is a Passionate blogger. She works on behalf of Australian Visa she has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2010. As an avid reader and blogger she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Culture, History, Lifestyle and many more.

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: 5 Most Desired Tourist Attractions In Australia

    • I think you’re definitely right about taking the right amount of time to really see a portion of the country. I think it’s easy to forget just how sizable the country is just because it is an island.
      I’m not quite sure where my recent fascination has come from, but it certainly has me thinking (ie plotting) πŸ™‚


  1. I love australia too! I’m trying to cover as much of australia as I can but it is a pretty huge area with lots of beautiful and awesome places to visit. I hope I can make it to these places eventually too! πŸ™‚


    • Hey, we all find inspiration from random places (or at least I do, so I’m going to make it a blanket deal πŸ™‚ ). I would really like to see Tanzania and Madagascar – maybe I have a thing for hard to reach islands! Either way, looks/sounds worth the effort to get there πŸ™‚


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