Travel Tuesday: Weird Arizona [A Book Review]

Happy Travel Tuesday guys! It’s what they call “monsoon season” here in the desert right now, and we had a pretty major rain storm Sunday night/yesterday. It was lovely (smile)! I even got a “rain day” out of it extending the weekend a bit, but unfortunately my office also flooded so that’s been…fun. It’s truly amazing and weird how Arizona can go from dustbowl to perpetual river so very quickly – and also quite dangerous for those not expecting a turn in weather! So with Arizona on the brain, I thought today would be a good day to review one of my favorite local adventure reference books – Weird Arizona.

I feel like the all-important inside flap pretty much sums this book up (as it should) in the first few sentences –

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying the Grand Canyon isn’t a great place to visit. But you haven’t really seen Arizona until you’ve strolled through the jaws of a rattlesnake on Diamondback Bridge in Tucson or tried to score a hole in one in the vintage outhouse in Jerome or spent a night in the haunted caboose in Williams.

That’s just the beginning of the weird – and fun – side of the state, the side you won’t hear about in most guidebooks.

I purchased my copy of the book not long after I moved to Phoenix. Since then it’s been my faithful companion in finding the weird and wonderful sights of this prismatic state. If I’m feeling adventurous or merely bored, it’s nice to pull this little tome off the shelf and head off into the sunshine in search of some small piece of mysterious history. The writers do a great job in pumping up the curiosity and a decent job of telling you where to find those curiosities. A little manual side sleuthing is usually necessary to find the more off-the-beaten-path attractions, but overall I find that usually adds to the adventure (smile). There’s

Looking through the book, I’ve managed to venture to quite a few places on their list of weirdness, such as…

Even with all these (and severalย others) ticked off the list, there are still so many more to see! With cooler weather coming up, there are simply no excuses not to go exploring!! (smile)

Interested in more weird specifically for your area? Check out Weird U.S. to see what oddities are near you!

Do you have a favorite local travel book??

Come joinย Bonnie, Camila, Jessi, and Amy for more fun travels!!

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5 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Weird Arizona [A Book Review]

    • It is a great reference for random adventures ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m planning on using the website for some exploring next time I visit my dad in Alabama. Of course you never really have to look that far to find something “interesting” in those parts!


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  2. Hmm, sounds interesting. I might have to check some of things out this winter providing I don’t need a houseboat instead of an RV. My son called and informed us how bad the flooding was in Phoenix. Wow!


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