On Becoming An Auntie

You guys – September is a day away from being half over! How did that happen?? I feel like this past week has been one long, continuous day – but for one of the best reasons possible! I’m a god-mother (aka Auntie)!!

welcome baby girl sign

She’s finally here!!

My “niece” was born Tuesday morning out in California. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a couple of photos from the week. The new mom is my best friend, but also my family. There’s something about those friends that make up the family you choose…they have a way of shifting your priorities without the necessity of guilt trips or obligations, which makes these moments all the sweeter. I promised my friend I would be there when the baby was born, and frankly it was all I could do to wait until baby was here to go (smile).

The last three years have been quite transformative for my friend. She went from a romantic skeptic to a newlywed to a mom. She changed careers, changed locations, and grew in amazing ways. It’s been so inspiring to see her move forward and shift into all these new roles. What’s been even more incredible is that we’ve both managed to stay so close despite our lives going in such widely different directions. To me, that’s the mark of a true friendship (smile). I am so crazy proud of her for all that she’s accomplished – and for making it all seem so natural!

Now, on to the important stuff – the baby! Baby T (as she shall be known) was born on the morning of September 9, in perfect health, to two very ecstatic (if somewhat tired) parents (smile). Her maternal grandmother was there to witness the momentous occasion and to help out with all the traditional grandmotherly duties – including, but not limited to, much cuddling and sharing of wisdom. I tried to remain as unobtrusive as possible sticking with my new Auntie duties of running errands, dog-sitting, and taking a gazillion photos (smile). Everyone was a bit exhausted but ridiculously happy.

dog and baby

My niece and my “nephew”

Baby T is the first child born to one of my close friends and quite possibly the youngest baby I’ve ever had the pleasure of snuggling with myself. I was the first person to know she was coming (aside from her parents, of course), and one of the first family members to hold her. As a self-admitted not-really-a-baby-person, I came to the stunning realization upon first seeing her that love at first sight really does exist – and babies are the purest example of that phenomenon. I can’t imagine there’s anything I wouldn’t do for the beautiful baby girl – so I can’t even begin to comprehend how her mom must feel, or her dad for that matter.

The first days were, of course, very busy. But by the time I left Friday afternoon, it felt like everything had already settled into a rhythm. It was unsurprisingly difficult to leave, but I knew they all needed time to settle into their newly expanded family. I miss her already, of course, but I look forward to seeing plenty of photos, finally learning how to use video communication, and future visits (smile).

On a personal level, this whole experience has been especially inspiring. The temptation to either stay in Phoenix or move to southern California is undoubtedly present, but somewhere in there I encountered an overwhelming certainty that I need to live my life now. I love my friend and am so happy for her and her growing family; but I’m not envious. She made the choices and changes necessary to get there, and all I feel is the motivation to do the same – on my own path. Suddenly all of the topics I’ve been so apathetic about previously now matter more than ever. I want to live a life that can one day inspire my niece. I want her to grow up surrounded by women who made good – and brave – choices so that she can see just how much the world has to offer. I want her to understand that different isn’t bad and that no matter which way she wants to go, the option is there right along with a huge family of support. I want to be an inspiration for her. As it turns out, this gorgeous baby girl is the motivation I didn’t even realize I’ve been missing all along! Now that Baby T is finally here, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all (smile).

My sincerest congratulations to the new parents!! You guys are going to be so great!

7 thoughts on “On Becoming An Auntie

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  3. Congrats for becoming an “auntie”! She’s a cutie and as someone else who isn’t really a baby person, I totally understand what you are saying. I love spending time with other people’s kids but happy to be able to go home at the end of the day. Sounds like you had a great time with your friend and her new daughter:)


    • Thank you!! I’m thankful that I live close enough and have the flexibility to make those types of impromptu trips – and so happy to have been a part of it all. She’s growing so fast, I’m definitely looking forward to the next trip 🙂


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  5. What a lovely post. It is very clear from reading it just how much love you have for your friend and her beautiful growing family. And yes, you’re right. Those kinds of friends are the absolute best.
    The last paragraph has me intrigued now. Sounds like change is a brewing and that’s always exciting. Especially when you finally feel sure about what those changes should be. Can’t wait to keep reading your story.
    Have a great week!


    • Thank you! They truly are my family in a special way, and I am so grateful for that 🙂 Yes, change is a brewing! I needed a boost to actually do the necessary steps that go along with change – I’m much more afraid of the logistics than the actual change itself oddly enough. I know it’s the journey that builds character, etc. but sometimes I really wouldn’t mind a snap-my-fingers-and-done scenario O:-)


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