Travel Tuesday: Rocky Point Wedding

Happy Travel Tuesday!! This week has been so cr-aa-zy it’s hard to believe it’s only Tuesday! In the spirit of imagining my happy place, I figured a recap of this past weekend’s wedding would be perfect (smile).

Mexico, sunset, beach


The wedding weekend took place in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico (aka Rocky Point to the gringos), which is located on the western coast of mainland Mexico along the Sea of Cortez (aka Gulf of California). It’s known as Arizona’s beach due to its relatively close proximity (only about 4 hours – closer than the California coast line). We all stayed at Las Palomas, which is a owner/rental resort along the shore. It’s a beautiful location and the staff at the resort are absolutely amazing!

I’ve been going to Rocky Point for several years now with a coworker who owns a condo at Las Palomas (#lucky). Her family has been going down for years and are very active in the local community. They sponsor some of the local children at school and have helped build homes for the locals, one of which I was able to help with – such a rewarding experience! Needless to say, it felt a bit strange going down with a completely different group of people just to celebrate (I’m not good at this “relaxing” thing).

Mexico, wedding

Beautiful Ceremony 🙂

The bride and groom were kind enough to sponsor shuttles for those of us who didn’t want to make the drive. We had plenty of time to relax and get to know everyone in the group in between various wedding activities, which was really nice. And then it was time for the main event…which unfortunately had to be moved inside due to high wind gusts (sad face). Nonetheless, the transition indoors went smoothly and the ceremony went off with the usual hitches (smile). Part of the ceremony was a poem from their dog (who couldn’t attend sadly) and a friend took the liberty of blowing up a life size photo to act out the poem – it was so true to the couple, everyone was in tears (of laughter) by the time it was over! The reception was super nice and even the staff got in on a bit of the fun (smile).

Overall it was a fabulous weekend and welcome memory during the craziness of this week. I have my fingers crossed that maybe I’ll get some additional officiant requests from some of the engaged couples who attended (smile). If it’s a destination wedding, I’m definitely there! And if you’ve never been to Rocky Point – I highly recommend if if you ever have the chance!!

Come join Bonnie, Camila, Jessi, and Amy for more adventures!!

Travel Tuesday

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