Pondering Fall [October Goal Check-In]

You guys! It is finally fall, autumn, the happiest time of the year!! It even feels a bit like fall here in the desert!!! Yes, that is a lot of exclamation points, but it’s hard to find the right words to express just how happy this change of seasons makes me (smile). October through January are my favorite months of the year – each for different reasons. September started out great with the arrival of my niece, but it steadily declined from there unfortunately. It’s always been a difficult month for me and I can’t say I’m the least bit sad to see it go. Now we can officially move into happier weather and happier times (big smile)!

September Recap

1. Categorize/tag photos. This one could be qualified as a minor fail. I did start on this task, but then…life.

2. Study, study, study. I count this one as a win (yay!). I completed a few of the chapters of the PMP study guide already and I’m making vocabulary flashcards. I was so relieved to find that I am familiar with most of the concepts (at least so far) – I just need to learn the proper vocabulary. I shouldn’t be quite so surprised considering Project Management is what I do, but it is a relief to know I’ve been doing it right (-ish)!

3. Budget better. I did okay with this one. Between an impromptu trip to California to meet my niece and the wedding adventure in Mexico, it was a little difficult to stick with the new budget, but I did better than I expected. I call that a win (smile)! I definitely intend to keep this one going and really focus on the savings account as much as possible. It could use the TLC!

4. Meet my niece! OMG this was not only a huge success but also my favorite goal this year!! I’m so grateful that my job allows me the flexibility to randomly take off for another state for a week or so. They were so understanding and it felt great to be able to help my friends – and snuggle with baby (smile). I’m already plotting my next trip over for even more snuggles!


Looking for more of these photos!

October Goals

1. Continue photo organization. I really need to try to make as much progress on this goal as possible because with the change in weather it’s going to be difficult to convince myself to stay inside! I want to at least make some headway because I know that otherwise nothing will be done until I’m stuck inside next summer. In a similar vein, I also hope to sort through some printed photos while I’m at my dad’s house this month. I have my fingers crossed that some of the photos I’m missing (according to my mental inventory) are in those!

2. PMP prep. In addition to my continued studying, I need to start gathering all of the necessary documentation for the actual application. There’s also a classroom component that I need to figure out (as in online or in person). Now that I’m feeling more confident with the exam portion, it is time to get this ball rolling! I’m also planning to blog all about it once things really get moving (smile).

3. Clean out the electronics. I still have every laptop and computer that I have ever personally owned. I also lived with an IT guy for a few years. The conclusion from those two facts is that I have an obscene amount of electronics that either no longer work or are no longer needed. They’ve all been wiped clean (finally), now I just need to research the best method of disposal. I think there’s an electronics “graveyard” shop somewhere in the valley – it’s time to stop procrastinating this one and get it gone!

4. Relax/Go on a fall adventure. September was a heavy month in terms of health revelations. I’m still trying to process everything and I hope that one day I’ll be able to share a bit about it with all of you. In the meantime, suffice it to say that stress has gone from a constant frienemy to enemy #1 for this girl. It’s mandatory (yes, doctor’s orders mandatory) that I find some way to relax. I’ve been trying to accomplish this goal for months actually and have yet to find a method that really works for me. My cynicism gets in my own way. Nonetheless, I’m never quite so happy as I am 1) on an adventure, 2) with a camera in my hand, and/or 3) in the fall. This month I want to find an activity that combines all of the above – believe it or not, Arizona actually has some gorgeous foliage and I fully intend to take advantage of it this month!

Is anyone else as happy as I am about fall??



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