Weekly Photo Challenge: [My Favorite] Signs

Heellloooo Friday!! So happy to see this day (smile)! On top of the joy of the upcoming weekend, I’m also excited about this week’s photo challenge – signs. I love taking pictures of signs – decorative, cheeky, or just downright confusing. In fact,ย it was kind of difficult to choose my favorites! Each sign has a story behind it – whether it’s a reminder of somewhere I’ve been or someone I’ve been with, they always direct my memories. (See what I did there?? smile)


Emergency: Use Hammer To Break Glass…
To Obtain Hammer Break Glass…

The last one (although sadly slightly blurred) is one of my favorite travel photos ever. I mean, it all just makes sense, right??

Happy Weekend Everyone!!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: [My Favorite] Signs

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  2. I love taking pictures of signs overseas. Some of them are so hilarious. My husband loves the ones in Brazil that look like people are break dancing across the road or the “caution wet floor” ones where the person “falling” looks like they’re striking a sexy pose. lol


    • The overseas signs are pretty wonderful. They have a way of putting things or illustrating them that seems so much more colorful than those in the U.S.!
      I love that the Brazilian signs seem to fit the culture so well ๐Ÿ™‚ It makes them easy to envision, but I bet they’re even better in person!


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