Sunday Photo: Dream or Not???

My brother and I have been on a mission for the past year or so to scan all of the family photos, papers, and other worthwhile odds and ends. He scans, I sort (I feel I may have gotten the wrong end of this deal somehow). I thought we were making good progress until I found the storage tub full of photos on my last trip home…yeah. Anyway, while I was sorting through the latest round of scans I found this photo – clear evidence that this macabre interest of mine in cemeteries and supernatural goes back further than I realized!

Fifth grade poetry

From the local paper (I blame them for the “misprint”)


2 thoughts on “Sunday Photo: Dream or Not???

  1. Isn’t this very timely, now with Hallowe’en coming up LOL

    Great project! My brother and I are very far from each other, but he did a great deal of scanning last winter! He bought one of those where you can scan negatives, think I wrote about it in a blog some time … Either way, the quality is great, and so much fun to see and have, securely stored away!


    • I definitely found the timing somewhat serendipitous πŸ™‚

      That sounds pretty much exactly like our photo project! He scans in winter, I sort in summer – works for our climates. It really is great to have things stored away and to know that they’re safe for the future.

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