Phobophobia: The Fear of Phobias


QuoteI am generally the type of person who tries to meet my fears head on, often with mixed results. I can generally do okay as long as I can keep a mental grip, but if I walk into a spider web all bets are off! I could totally market this phenomenon: InstaNinja – Just add spider web! (grin) But even with spiders I’m only really afraid when I’m taken unaware. I have no qualms about finding the nearest shoe or, on very rare occasions, suffering them to live if they’re out of my direct path. (See, miracles do happen!) I have other slightly irrational fears as well such as water or confinement, but luckily those are easier to avoid (smile).

I think we all have our individual fears and phobias; they make us who we are on some level. But there’s something about this time of year – especially Halloween – when we can’t help but look over our shoulders a bit more (usually on the way to a haunted house or slasher flick to purposefully scare ourselves silly, but nonetheless…). There’s just something in the air I suppose or perhaps its genetic memory of the real fear felt by our ancestors when faced with the long dark nights. Who knows for sure?? But in the spirit of the season, I thought it would be fun to highlight some pertinent phobias. They’re good to know for those Halloween cocktail parties (yeah, I know) or frankly just fun to try to pronounce (smile)!



phobias, Halloween

Do any of these apply to you??

[P.S. I hope no one is actually triskaidekaphobic. Can you tell why?]

7 thoughts on “Phobophobia: The Fear of Phobias

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    • Well, there’s tetraphobia, which is a fear of monsters (usually under the bed or in the closet), but I’m not sure that’s really the right diagnosis 😉 Although I’m sure someone out there has a word for it – I’m amazed at how many “phobias” actually exist!


  2. I’m scared of wasps, to a point bordering phobia. I have a problem with clowns too, but I rarely see any so that’s not a big deal 🙂

    Hallowe’en I can’t feel any connection with. We didn’t have it in my country until … perhaps ten years before I left. One year, out of the blue, the stores were filled with pumpkins and all kinds of scary stuff. The kids growing up there now, won’t know of anything else but Hallowe’en, and they do the trick or treat thing, but I was old when it started. Many older people don’t like it at all.

    In my younger days I used to be almost fearless [except the wasps], but the older I get the more … not ‘scared’, but perhaps … thoughtful I get.


    • Spheksophobia – fear of wasps. So definitely not alone in that one! I’ve been amazed at how many different phobias are out there – the names make sense for a few, but most I can’t help but wonder if someone’s having a bit of fun 🙂
      I like Halloween for the pagan traditions, but the commercialization just kills me. I was never much for dressing up or collecting candy, but I like the idea of the holiday before it become a “happy” holiday. I can definitely understand why a lot of people aren’t very excited about the whole deal, especially if it’s a relatively recent phenomenon or not a traditional part of the year in their area.

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