Travel Tuesday: My Arizona “Must See” List

Yay for [Travel] Tuesday!! I’m going to admit that generally the most exciting part about my Tuesdays is preparing these posts and reading others – otherwise Tuesday is to me what Monday is to most. I’m not quite sure why it works out that way, but there ya go!

I love Arizona and have made a point to see as much of it as possible these last several years. That said, there are still a few major places on my “must-see” list including…

Petrified Forest National ParkPetrified Forest National Park

Shamefully, as many National Parks as I’ve traveled to, I’ve yet to make it through this one. Located in the northeast-ish corner of Arizona, Petrified Forest National Park is home to over 10,000 years of human history and a portion of Route 66! It’s also said that anyone who removes a piece of the wood from the park will be cursed until the wood is returned. However, you can buy a piece at the gift shop guilt free (smile). I’m told it’s a beautiful drive and close enough to the Painted Desert to tack that on as well. Double win!

Grand Falls (aka Chocolate Falls)

These falls are located just northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona along the Little Colorado River. At 185 feet tall, the falls are actually taller than Niagara Falls! They’ve been dubbed “chocolate falls” as the water content is infamously muddy, making the water look like flowing chocolate. You have to pay attention to the timing on this one – for maximum viewing a visit after rainfall or in the spring is best. But that also means that safety is of the utmost importance getting to and from!

Havasupai Falls

Also referred to as Havasu Falls, this lovely oasis is located just west of the official Grand Canyon National Park entrance on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. The mineral content of the water is constantly changing and, along with it, also the color. The falls drop down into a series of pools that are a popular swimming spot for tired/hot hikers. As the falls are well known – and thus quite popular – I hear the optimum visiting time is somewhere mid-week or in the off season (preferably before the snow).

Antelope CanyonAntelope Canyon

The famous canyons – the photographers’ dream. Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon located just southeast of Page, Arizona on the Navajo Nation. Like many of these attractions I’ve listed, timing is key on this one. Those same gorgeous photos that inspired me in the first place have also inspired many others – and quite a few “photography tours.” I’ve heard tales of being crammed in very small spaces with many cameras – not a recipe for a happy camper! I’m definitely trying for an off season weekday!

Yuma & the Territorial Prison State Historic Park

The last bit of territory left for me to discover in southern Arizona. Yuma is the third largest city in Arizona (counting Phoenix as the greater metro area) and located in the southwest corner near both the California and Mexico borders. Due to its location, Yuma has a long and storied history. The Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park is mostly famous for being featured western movies, but also has an entertaining, non-fiction history full of wild west inmates (smile).

So what’s holding me back you ask? Well, timing mostly. These elusive spots are either located some distance from Phoenix and/or require a certain season or time of the week to be considered “enjoyable.” At least those have been my excuses to date. But I think it’s past time for me to saddle up and make some memories (smile)!

Come join Bonnie for more fun adventures and meet the new co-hosts!!

Travel Tuesday





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