Concert Etiquette: To do or Not to do

The Black Keys, tickets

Several months ago I purchased tickets to The Black Keys’ concert here in Phoenix. I’ve been excitedly counting down the days to the show and Monday night was the big event! My friend flew in and we made a full night of it, which was icing on the musical cake (smile). The show itself was absolutely amazing and we had a fabulous time!

However (yes, the ominous however), I was super annoyed that I was distracted for a good portion of the show by the antics of the other people in our section. I don’t know what it is about people en masse, but all social courtesies seem to fly right out of the window. Instead of being upset and letting the annoyance ruin the evening, I decided to take notes instead and turn it into a blog post. Because that’s how all good social experiments should end (smile).

Although this “please don’t” list is directed to concert goers, it pretty much applies to any major event.

The Black Keys

Such a great view… (before trouble arrived)

Please Don’t…

  • be that person that sits in the middle of the row but “needs to get out” every 10 min. Stock up, hold it, or find somewhere to mill about for a while. I personally like my toes and prefer to keep stepping on them to a minimum.
  • try to steal someone else’s seat. At least give the people a chance to get there before sniping those premo seats. And please, please don’t pretend you just made an innocent mistake. It’s awkward for everyone when it turns out you’re in the wrong section altogether.
  • wear a huge bag or hat. The hat just blocks the view. The bag – especially if you persist in wearing it the whole time – can leaves bruises. It’s also super annoying when the person next to you keeps getting smacked by it while you jump around and obliviously enjoy yourself.
  • wear inappropriate clothing. I realize this one is relative, but I personally don’t need to know that you have a heart tattooed on your ass or that your friend has nipple piercings. Enough said.
  • hit on other people’s significant other. I feel like this should go without saying, but after witnessing it personally the other night I had to add it to the list. Not cool people.
  • make fun of others. Yes, clearly you are having a good time, but please know that those “boring people” you’re “quietly” making fun of are doing the same thing to you. Two wrongs do not equal a right.
  • get so trashed you spill your drink, etc. on others. How do you even know if you’re having a good time or not? I’m definitely not enjoying being wet or having my toes stepped on.
  • start a fight. This one goes along with being distracting and hitting on other people’s significant other. Again, I’m there to see the show I paid for, not the drama. Take it outside and please stay there.
  • be the smoker. And by this I mean that single person in a sea of many that lights up your questionable cigarette and then blows smoke all over the rest of us. I don’t enjoy smelling like herbs anymore than I enjoy smelling like beer. I’ve got nothing against your choices, just find a better location.
  • take selfies expecting them to turn out well. The lighting in there just isn’t meant for that. And please don’t complain about the look on my face in your background. That flash is brutal.
Mechanical Bull tour, Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon concert (also amazingly awesome)

Please Do…

  • jump/dance around. You’re there to have fun – go for it!
  • sing along/cheer/whistle. We’ll all be right there with ya!
  • take pictures (if it’s legal). Just point that flash in the other direction!
  • turn your phone on instead of the cigarette lighter. This used to bother me, but now real lighters just seem like an accident waiting to happen.
  • arrive in your own time. Some people like to be there early, others late. Just remember to be patient with the seat snipers.
  • meet your neighbors. We’re all pretty cool people, amiright??
  • have fun! It’s why everyone’s there to begin with – just don’t forget there are actually other people there with you. (smile)

What are your concert pet peeves??

2 thoughts on “Concert Etiquette: To do or Not to do

  1. Oh wow – so completely true! Great post! I just really hate crowds, and the weird thing that happens to people when they are in a crowd, so I usually stay away from concerts and such because of all the reasons you mentioned. I wish the positive could counter the negative for me, but you seem to have enjoyed yourself and that’s what matters the most 🙂


    • Thank you! 🙂 I definitely have to gear myself up for the masses – and the massive attitudes. Concerts and the occasional play are generally the only things I find to be worth the effort these days. Anything else is just true craziness!


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