Travel Tuesday: Continental Cuisines

Happy Travel Tuesday everyone!! This week features a themed prompt on the best and worst cuisine abroad. However, instead of daring to make any judgment calls for anyone else on this one, I’m gonna go with my personal favorite and least favorite cuisines (’cause I’m so PC like that…smile). Each continent has so many different countries with so many varied traditions that it’s difficult to narrow down my preferences to any one type of food. However, out of the four continents I’ve landed on so far…

Favorite Continent for Cuisine: Europe

Seafood Temple, Oban, Scotland, UK

Best Seafood Ever – Oban, Scotland

Some of my most memorable meals have been in Europe. I still dream of brats in Germany, seafood in Scotland, pasta in Italy, and the OMG pastries in France. But my absolute favorite is pretty much everything I had in Greece. Of all the European countries, Greece was one of the most surprising in terms of amazing food. I didn’t even realize until that trip that I even liked Greek food! Now I’m constantly on the hunt for the most legitimate Greek restaurants on this side of the Atlantic (smile). I never realized what a pale imitation most places here in the U.S. really are until I went abroad. Perhaps there’s just something in the heart and tradition of a place that doesn’t quite translate in our frenetic pace here. It certainly makes those truly authentic places that much better when I find them!

Least Favorite Continent for Cuisine: South America

Ecuador, pineapple

Pineapple in the front yard

Okay, so it’s no secret that South America and I did not get off to the best start. But all other experiences aside, I have to say that the food I had while traveling around South America was the most disappointing in terms of expectations.Β  I only visited 3 countries, but all of them focused largely on meat – and more meat. Luckily I had expected that going in, but it was still a hard hit to my semi-vegetarian body. I was also surprised at the lack of spice in most foods. You could spice it up yourself, but it rarely seemed to come that way. I will say this much though, the fruits and the chocolate were absolutely amazing! I’m hoping that somewhere in the future there’s another opportunity for me to give the continent – and some of the other local cuisines – a second chance.

What’s your favorite/least favorite cuisine??

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Travel Tuesday

6 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Continental Cuisines

  1. I think my favorite is Italian — it’s practically impossible to have a bad meal in Italy! I haven’t really been any place I didn’t like at least some of the food, although city-wise, I didn’t have great luck in Venice.


    • Caribbean sounds like an excellent choice! I would think it would have tons of yummy flavors πŸ™‚ I too hope you don’t find a least favorite. It’s always disappointing to be…disappointed! But there’s so much fun in trying new cuisines, it’s worth the risk πŸ™‚


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